Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Can we talk about how excited I am about Sundays because it means I get to play Scavenger Hunt Sunday?  I get very excited. Phew, I’m glad we had that conversation.

1.  Strike a pose

Meet Jellycats.  They’re adorable, fuzzy stuffed animals that Peanut likes to drag behind her around the house, collecting every piece of dust left over after I finish cleaning.


2.  Footwear

These are my Ugg slippers.  Jon’s mom got them for me for Christmas and I haven’t taken them off since.  Except to go outside.  But I swear, I’ve never wanted to stay inside as much as I do since I’ve felt these guys on my feet.  They’re so fluffy and cozy and warm.  It’s like heaven on my feet.


3.  Hobby

If there was a “forgotten hobby” category, this would probably fit in better.  I used to scrapbook every other weekend, but I haven’t put a single page together since Peanut was born.   Funny, because I honestly couldn’t wait to have a kid to scrapbook about.  This is the last page I made for Peanut’s scrapbook – it has her 12 week ultrasound pictures.


4.  Shiny

Isn’t is pretty?  It’s the wrapping paper that Jon bought for Peanut’s birthday presents.  Today is his birthday and since I didn’t go out and buy special wrapping paper (at least I didn’t buy him a cane), I wrapped his gift in this paper.  We also ran out of tape, so I used mailing labels.  Ok, I may be the worst wife ever.  Or the laziest.


5.  Color me green

Look, it’s a Pin that isn’t on Pinterest.  Wow, I’m so funny…and clever…and humble.



  1. What a great set – I love that you got started on your scrapbook and stopped at 12 weeks. I know I’d be just as bad.

  2. Love the perspective on your footwear shot. Hoping you find inspiration for the baby’s scrapbook. It will be invaluable in years to come. Have a joyous week.

  3. Well “I” think your green pin is funny and clever! :)


  4. I used to think I couldn’t wait to have a baby to scrapbook too!! But there is no way I will be scrapbooking with everything else right now! Cute Ugg slippers!

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