Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Can we talk about how excited I am about Sundays because it means I get to play Scavenger Hunt Sunday?  I get very excited. Phew, I’m glad we had that conversation.

1.  Strike a pose

Meet Jellycats.  They’re adorable, fuzzy stuffed animals that Peanut likes to drag behind her around the house, collecting every piece of dust left over after I finish cleaning.


2.  Footwear

These are my Ugg slippers.  Jon’s mom got them for me for Christmas and I haven’t taken them off since.  Except to go outside.  But I swear, I’ve never wanted to stay inside as much as I do since I’ve felt these guys on my feet.  They’re so fluffy and cozy and warm.  It’s like heaven on my feet.


3.  Hobby

If there was a “forgotten hobby” category, this would probably fit in better.  I used to scrapbook every other weekend, but I haven’t put a single page together since Peanut was born.   Funny, because I honestly couldn’t wait to have a kid to scrapbook about.  This is the last page I made for Peanut’s scrapbook – it has her 12 week ultrasound pictures.


4.  Shiny

Isn’t is pretty?  It’s the wrapping paper that Jon bought for Peanut’s birthday presents.  Today is his birthday and since I didn’t go out and buy special wrapping paper (at least I didn’t buy him a cane), I wrapped his gift in this paper.  We also ran out of tape, so I used mailing labels.  Ok, I may be the worst wife ever.  Or the laziest.


5.  Color me green

Look, it’s a Pin that isn’t on Pinterest.  Wow, I’m so funny…and clever…and humble.