Switching from bottles to sippy cups – your replies

There are apparently two primary school of thoughts on dropping the bottle: (1) going cold turkey or (2) letting your kid dictate when they’re ready.  Here is some advice from the commenters:

(1) going cold turkey

been there done that (haha! awesome name)

I just decided on a day and dedicated that day to the big switch and when they got up they were only given the sippy cup all day long. No other choices. My oldest just took it and gave me no issues. My middle child refused to drink all day. He picked up the cup and hurled it at me and cried and cried and cried. After about 9 hours of refusing to drink and practically refusing to eat he finally gave up and sucked down a huge cup of milk. He wasn’t happy the next day when he woke up and I handed him a sippy cup but he took it and that was that.


We cut out the bottles cold turkey. Packed all the bottles away (so she couldn’t see them) and only offered the sippy cup, as recommended by our pediatrician….why prolong the inevitable. It took one day. Don’t get me wrong, it was one very long day…crying, throwing the cup, etc, but by that evening she was drinking out of the cup and hasn’t had a bottle since. The sippy cup with the straw worked best for us.

(2) letting your kid dictate when they’re ready


I’ve asked friends how that transitio at a year works and most of them just tell me that their child gave it up on their own when it was “their time”. Maybe like 13 or 14 months? One said their child went from wanting it one day to couldn’t care less.

Been there done that (kid #3)

When she recently turned a year old I told my husband I was going to do the same thing- switch everything over in one day. HAH. She would have nothing to do with that. After a whole day of refusing to drink and practically not eating anything I caved in and gave her a huge bottle- she sucked the whole thing down. I tried again the next day- she refused again. So I decided that I would wait a week and try again. She refused again. So I decided to wait until she as 13 months- by this time she was always taking a sippy cup at every meal and kept a water-sippy cup in her crib for when she would wake up during the night thirty. I picked a day right after she turned 13 months and she totally transitioned with no issues. She clearly was not ready right at 12 months even though she had been using sippy cups for months during meal time. I think the latest I would have let her go with the sippy cup would have been 14 months- but I don’t feel bad about her not having transitioned when we went for our 12 month appt. I told the dr. she would be off of them by the 15 month appt. and she was off of them by 13 months.

Lori @ I Can Grow People

All in all though, the whole transition takes some time and patience–just like going from breast to bottle. She’ll get it when she is ready!


My son is 14 months today and still on a bottle but I’ll tell you why I’m not worried about it.

Jameson will drink from the sippy with a straw during the day but not in one sitting. This works at home but at daycare they don’t just leave it out for him to sip on all day so it’s not working there. I figure things will change naturally over time. He’ll start drinking more in one sitting at some point. He can do it, he’s just not given the opportunities he needs to make the change right now.


This probably isn’t helpful at all, but my son kept his bottle FOREVER… and you know what, he’s just fine. I tried taking his bottle away at one, and he had the same reaction as Peanut. I like to pick and choose my battles, and this just didn’t seem like it was something worth fighting for. At the end of the day I thought it was really important for him to be getting his milk intake, and I wasn’t all that concerned how he got that. So, basically I did offer the cup during the day, and if he refused, then he didn’t drink, but I still gave him a bottle at nap and bedtime. Then you can always revisit it in 4-6 months!


My only advice is to not stress about it. My Daughter did the same thing, Would drink water and if I put milk in she would take a sip and immediately spit it out, even though she would drink milk in a bottle. I didn’t push her and she eventually weaned herself off of it. I would still give her a sippy cup of water with meals and she would drink that just fine. She took a bottle till about 18 months and then my son was on a sippy cup by 11 months. I think they just have their own agenda. It doesn’t hurt her either way. She will eventually take the sippy cup when she is ready.

Rebecca @ The Reluctant Housewife

Zoe had been drinking from a sippy cup for months and months by the time she turned 1, but the bottle was always at night and in the morning. I tried to go cold turkey, but inevitably, we wouldn’t have a clean sippy cup and would grab the bottle because it was there.

I think if Addi is having such a hard time with it, I would hold off a bit. But then when you and Jon decide that “today is the day” then just stick to your guns… and good luck! =)

–Some other advice (sippy cups, transitional sippy cups, and just plain ol’ patience)

Been there done that

One thing I would suggest is to always make sure and say what is in the cup- I repeatedly said- JUICE JUICE JUICE or MILK MILK MILK. so she learned the difference and wouldn’t take a sip and throw it at me! :-)

Lori @ I Can Grow People

We had the best luck with a starter sippy that had a soft spout on it–much like a bottle–so the change wasn’t too different.  Is Peanut partial to a particular brand of bottle/nipple? Maybe that brand makes a starter sippy that she could try. Then once she gets the hang of that you can switch to a sippy with a harder spout later when she is older. All in all though, the whole transition takes some time and patience–just like going from breast to bottle. She’ll get it when she is ready!


For the record we have about 15 sippys in the house and he drinks out of them all minimally like this, so opting for the straw one as his official cup was just a matter of choice…


The sippy cup with the straw worked best for us.


my SIL has and they just swapped the bottle with the cups with straws.


Mine needs two kinds of sippys: playtex with a straw for water and take and toss with a straw for milk. One is hard and the other is soft – who knows why else?


We started to transition at about 11 months and gave Morgan 75% breastmilk/formula and then 25% whole milk. Each week I would give less and less of the formula/breastmilk (50/50, 25/75, 0/100). At about 13 months we finally gave up the night time bottle but it was definitely the hardest one to let go and took almost 2 months to finally get off that one.

The only cup we had good luck with is Nuk Learner Cup.

If we gave her any other cup, she didn’t take it so well but this one was awesome. She still loves that cup if she ever sees it but it does take time and finding the perfect sippy cup.


We used a transition bottle too. It has three tops for as they grow and so we just slowly transitioned. I think it took a week. We gave her the cups to play with for toys during the day and she loved them. She liked mimicing what we did too so we made it a game. If I can remember tonight I will take a pic of the ones that we used to transition. Anyway, after her playing with them for a few days and after us making a game out of it, she wanted nothing to do with the bottle anymore and was all about the sippie cup…same thing with straws now. She thinks they are so cool and we have just had fun with it and letting her learn. Our ped recommending that we switch too at 12 months. For us, we didnt stress over it. We felt like it was a good goal to have but no pressure. So around 12 months we started and by 12.5 she was done


we also did the day time bottles switch first, about a month ago when he turned 12 months old. so he gets a sippy (we only use straw) of milk after both naps.


We started playing with straws and have had great success with the Playtex straw cup. It’s rated for 4+ years, but it’s fairly leakproof (not 100% for a 1-year old) and he has mastered it. It doesn’t seem to require the “bite and suck” the younger straw cups seem to require. It’s a soft straw which can tuck under a little slider lid on the cup’s lid for travel

Sara Spires Bridges

When we went through this Bryce would not drink milk from the sippy cup and disliked most of them. We asked the doctor and she assured us it was fine and to just keep trying and only offer beverages in the sippy cup and he would eventually drink from it. Basically it is a power struggle and we just had to be the stronger ones. She said her daughter went days without milk and that is fine as well. Hope this helps.


As a result of all this (thank you!), Jon and I talked through the options and decided that we would give Peanut another month or so (until she is finished with the breast milk and we are on 100% whole milk) and then we’ll just change over cold turkey.


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