Thank you!

As you probably already know, I dream big dreams of attending the BlogHer conference in NYC this summer.  Let me tell you how excited I am! (and maybe mention how not excited my wallet is).

Last month I posted about setting up some sponsors to help me fund my trip and guess freakin’ what!?


People replied!

Yeah, I was shocked/happy/excited too.  Ok, maybe a little more shocked/happy/excited than you, but you get it.

I want to send off a super special thank you to my amazing sponsors this month. And it’d be super sweet if you gave them some bloggy love – just click the links and stop by, maybe leave a comment saying “hi”.

Grace @ Opinionation, who is living and blogging from Singapore.  How cool is that?  She’s honest and open and very straight forward.  It’s a great fresh perspective. {Blog}

Jelena @ FauxFoodieGirl, a mama and food provider to an adorable little baby girl.  She is a lover of food, photography, and running (yeah, we have like NOTHING in common…I’m being sarcastic in case that doesn’t come through on your internet.  It does on mine. Mine’s a special internet.)  {Blog ::  Twitter ::  Facebook :: Pinterest}



Amanda @ Simple Girl Simple Pleasures, a fellow CT blogger.  Amanda is positive, upbeat and very entertaining.  Bringing her blog up makes me smile almost instantly. {Blog ::  Twitter ::  Facebook :: Pinterest}

Are you interested in sponsoring me?  Click on the link at the top or just contact me at kat at livinglikethekings dot com.