5 sweet moments from our week

I wanted to write these moments down for myself because the days are flying and I don’t ever want to forget.

1.  On Tuesday I picked up Peanut from daycare, scooping her up and kissing her all over before setting her down to collect her things.  When I set her down, she looked up and me and touched her fingers together, signing “more.”  I nearly died, scooped her right up and kissed her all over again.

2.  Peanut’s been having a little trouble understanding that hitting hurts someone (I know this is more of a cause and effect moment for them), so when she hit my face with her toy early in the week, I said, “Ouch! That hurts!”, got up, and walked away from her.  She looked confused for a moment, then followed me and asked to be picked up.  I picked her up and she tried to hit me again, laughing because she thought me saying “ouch” was hilarious.  I set her down, closed the bedroom door, and stood outside the door for 30 seconds.  When I opened the door, she looked at me, completely confused  Wednesday I was down on the floor, playing with her and she ran up to me with her hands raised as if she was going to hit me again.  I cringed and waited, but she patted my face softly, looking me straight in the eye for approval.  I hugged her and told her “yes, gentle touch.”  I’m sure that the hitting phase isn’t over, but I can see that we can make a difference without yelling at her and that gives me hope.

3.  Monday evening Peanut decided that she wanted to read some books after dinner.  She walked over to her chair, collected a book she liked, brought it over to me, handed it off, then climbed into my lap and settled in, waiting for me to begin.  I melted.  Then read her the book while she snuggled.

4.   Wednesday evening I was cooking dinner while Peanut was rearranging my Tupperware (she loves trying to fit the tops on all the containers).  When she noticed that I was making Zucchini fritters (her favorites), she walked over to me, pulled on my pant leg and said, “mama! mama! mmmmmm” and signed “eat.”  It was too sweet, but I resisted giving her any raw ingredients (eggs are involved) but just barely.

5.  When picking her up from daycare one evening, I set her bag (with my keys in it) on the ground and went to collect her things.  When I turned around, Peanut had pulled the keys out of the bag and was standing by the gate that blocks her exit to the door, saying “mama, mama, ahhhh” (out).  I hurried through the rest of the things and smothered her with kisses.

She’s growing up so fast.


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