An update on the sippy cup transition and other tidbits

1. First and foremost, I think it’s only fair that we talk about the sippy cup thing. I’ve had a ton of things going through my head – we just do it, we wait, we take it one at a time, we take it all away at once. And here’s where we are: we give Peanut a bottle in the morning and before bed and we give her a straw sippy cup during the day. The daytime sippy is a toss up in this household – some days she will give in, grab one and drink a couple of ounces before tossing it aside; other days she cries and screams and pushes it away. When she pushes it away, we leave it within reach but don’t push it in case she decides to drink some. When she drinks some, we do a little (quiet) happy dance. A couple of weeks ago we stopped giving daycare any bottles, but we hear that Peanut just throws the sippy cup whenever they try to give it to her. The thing is that I don’t know any adults that are still drinking out of baby bottles (don’t go there…), so we’re really not pushing it. When she’s ready, she’s ready. (Unless she’s 15 months and still not ready…then we’ll probably just take it away).

2.  My iPhone fell into the bath tub yesterday.  I was chasing the little one around (she decided to add a new step to our bedtime routine where she runs around naked, laughing her litle nakey tush off), so I stuck the phone in my sweat shirt pocket.  When I finally caught her, I didn’t think twice before I bent over to put her in the bath.  Right around the time that her feet touched the water, as did my iPhone.  I quickly handed the kid over to my husband and rushed into the kitchen.  I’ve read plenty of forums and blogs posts to know exactly what to do – I undressed my iPhone (the super big protective rubber cover) and stuck it into rice.  Then I rushed over to my computer to check that I did what I needed to do and (of course) post the whole thing on Facebook and Twitter.  After a couple of more insights from you guys, I dug out my phone, turned it off and left it in the rice for 24 hours.

Do you know what 24 hours feels like without your iPhone?  When it’s me (addict!), it’s something awful.

This afternoon, at bath time, I dug my phone out and turned it back on.  And it works!  In case you are faced with the same problem, here are some steps that saved my phone:  dress your phone in awesome cases (mine is rubber and goes all the way around, protecting almost every inch along with a screen protector); if dropped in water, immediately pull it out, remove the case, quickly dry it, turn it off, and put it in rice for 24 hours-3 days without touching.  And good luck.

3.  The nakey baby routine is ridiculously cute and funny to all of us.  We haven’t had any incidents though, so that might change.

4.  I found a post on Pinterest about regrowing your scallions by putting the white ends into some water and leaving them on your window sill (I cannot find the original pin for the life of me).  How I have not thought of this earlier is beyond me.  Naturally, I found some week old scallions in my fridge, cut off the white stuff and stuck it into a shot glass with some water.  The little guys sprouted 24 hours later!  I am never buying scallions again!

(I finally have use for that large shot glass collection my husband keeps for no reason).