Baby things: 1 year old

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these posts and Turner asked me to post some of Peanut’s favorite things.  So here we go.

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Power Wheels

We’ll just straight to the good stuff – Power Wheels.  Since it’s been warm enough in CT lately (and we finally remembered to charge it), we pulled out the Power Wheels that a family friend got Peanut for her birthday and let her have a go at it.  She learned how to press the button within seconds and just kept giggling.  We got a couple of videos that I’ll post later on this week.

Little People Animal Sounds Farm

I think this is the toy that taught Peanut to say “moooo” (which actually sounds more like “booooo” if you ask me).  She loves all the little sounds and the little toys that she drags with her everywhere.  I have at least one or two of these in my purse/car/shoe at all times.  Great when we’re at the grocery store and Peanut is getting restless; not so great when I’m at work, looking for something and pull out a tiny sheep.

Mega Blocks

For Christmas, we bought Peanut a little table for the Mega Blocks and then Peanut got this huge set of blocks for her birthday.  She loves stacking these and will spend 15-20 minutes playing quietly on the floor (do you know how precious that is?).  Some day, Jon and I have more fun building cars and tunnels than Peanut does; she participates by bringing us more blocks.  Other days she won’t let us put more than 2 together before she tries to disassemble them (I will not admit that it annoys me since block building is some serious stuff).

Busy Poppin’ Pals

Like many other toys that we get/ask for Peanut, we learned that she loved this one at daycare.  In the mornings when Peanut didn’t seem to want to let go of my legs when I dropped her off at daycare, this toy was always a welcomed distraction.  So far she’s got the hang of about 3 of the little knobs, but she loves the challenge.

Amazing Animals Rollin’ Around Jungle Playground

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much P loves this little toy.  Along with the 3 animals that came along with the toy, she throws everything down the slide – the balls, the blocks, the weebles.  It’s a never-ending playground of fun.

Mickey Mouse 4-in-1 Ride On

This has to be one of the most versatile toys that we’ve ever had.  Peanut adored it when she was 10 months old and enjoyed rocking on it, safely as the band around her helped her stay on.  As she got a little older, she got really good at pushing this toy to its boundaries and we ended up removing the rocker because I was afraid she would flip it upside down.  At that point Peanut couldn’t get enough of riding this toy.  Jon and I would sit at the opposite corners of the room and push her between us while she giggled non-stop.  When she got a little older we removed the wrap-around and let her climb on and off the toy.  She loved to climb and press all the buttons – there are pop-ups, music, ignition starter…the list goes on and on.  We love how long it keeps her occupied.  Now, since the weather has warmed up, we take Peanut for a walk at the green with the removable handle.

Teach My Baby Learning Kit

This is something that I actually put on the wish list for Peanut’s birthday and then secretly talked my mom into purchasing.  Jon and I saw it at Babies R Us when we were registering for her birthday (it made things easier for our family and friends and limited duplicate purchases) and we thought it was like the coolest thing ever.  There are books, flash cards, cards that have “fur”, blocks, finger puppets.  Since we’ve started playing with the set, Peanut has learned how to say dog and point out most of the items on the flash card – like spoon, bib, coat, car, shoes, socks.  It’s amazing how quickly she learned them!  Her newest interest is to open and close the actual folder, which is pretty funny because it takes every bit of her concentration.

Playskool Weebles Turn ‘n Tumble Home Playset

“The Weedles wobble but they don’t fall down.”  Yup, I just sang that while typing.  Peanut and all of her little buds are absolutely obsessed with this toy and the Weebles.  She’s not so good at putting them down the right chutes, but she loves watching them slide down.

Safety 1st Blue Sit n Go Booster Seat

Jon and I don’t live close to our family and Peanut has to be one of the messiest eaters.  That means that traveling to our family or friends’ house without a high chair is pretty much the most painful thing ever.  In fact, no matter how overpacked we are, we always leave room for our huge high chair.  After a couple of trips, we decided that it was time for a travel seat.  My parents obliged and got us this one – and it is perfect!  It fit into our suitcase when we flew to Florida, it fits on every chair we try, and it makes for a great seat (since Peanut loves to sit in chairs).  It’s the most versatile travel chair – and it becomes a booster seat!


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