Quarterly Top 5 Photos

I have a love/hate relationship with choosing a “favorite” photo to submit for any kind of photography link up.

Love because I love looking back through my photos, remembering the moments and watching my little Peanut grow up picture by picture.  It also helps me see things in a new perspective – perspective that I took with photos, clarify or lack thereof with certain settings, interesting angles and edits.  I can look at them with a new eye and judge my photos a little, learning each time.

Hate because I can’t pick just 5!

I’m going to change my mind at least 5 more times before I hit publish, I know it.  But here it goes…


I love my little nug’s eye lashes.  Something that I always wanted to capture to remember them and to show her when she is a teenager.

Another moment that I want to share with her when she’s older – the messy eater stage!  I love the eyes in this photo, the pensive look.

Our first vacation with the baby – not only was it amazing, but I’m so glad that I learned to use my camera in Manual mode before our first vacation so I could capture moments like these.  I love the reflection of the sun in this photo.

Another beach photo – I love the way she points her little toes like a ballerina and I love the shadow on the sand.

This one, although so simple, is one of my favorites.  It shows a candid moment – a daddy with his baby, playing with legos.  I love the angle of this shot and I love Peanut’s curious look as she fishes out the legos.


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  1. Those eyelashes. Oh my!

  2. That feeding shot is so classic…I LOVE IT and I am so glad I have similar shots of my son. Love those whispy baby hairs too.

  3. What a gorgeous set – really love that fourth shot on the beach!

  4. I absolutely love the two beach photos! She’s going to appreciate it when she’s older to know that you took so many gorgeous pictures. All of the pics with Jon just melt my heart! Nothing sweeter than a father and daughter!

  5. These are beautiful!!!!! Every single one!

  6. Aw, such sweet photos! Love them ;

  7. These are sooo great!! I love them, especially that beach photo.

  8. I love that B&W beach shot….how beautiful. :)

  9. That B&W beach shot is gorgeous!

  10. Great photos!

  11. Gorgeous blog and gorgeous photos!!! Thank you for sharing!

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