Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Today's Scavenger Hunt entries come to you from our house because between the yard that's neglected and our filthy house (along with plans almost every weekend), I had no time to get out.  Luckily, Jon mowed the lawn and the sun was shining so there you have it.  My yard. 1.  Yellow One of my daughter's letter blocks.  I thought it would make for a fun Yellow, especially since it's a "Y"!  I love these blocks, but we've been keeping them away from the baby for the time being since they go directly in her mouth and they tend to shed little pieces of wood. 2.  Something that makes you smile No surprise here, Peanut is what makes me smile.  Especially these days - her very big personality packed into a very little person is amazing.  I can't get enough of her silliness, her thoughtfulness, her sweetness, and even her mischievousness. 3.  Ancient or antique I was actually between a few pictures here since most of the things in my yard are pretty ancient.  I ended up between this and our shed that needs to be thrown out, like 20 years ago.  I ended up here - a hollow tree stump that's been in our yard since before we moved to our house.  It lies on the stone wall that separates our house form our neighbors.  Some years ago, the summer we bought our house, we talked to our then-neighbors about this stump.  They said it was on their property and therefore they would take care of it.  Then they sold their house.  The stump is still there.  I think I hear … [Read more...]

Children’s Museum in Rhode Island

This Saturday Jon, Peanut and I met up with my bestie, her hubby, and their baby-boy at the Children's museum in Rhode Island. This place was amazing! Right when we got there, Peanut bolted toward the water room and spent almost 30 minutes just playing in the water. She loved watching the balls go down the slide and make a splash. Baby boy Michael joined in and the kids had a blast. I have to tell you guys a little something. Jon and I were running a little behind in the morning and I didn't double check that the camera had a memory card in it. When we arrive in Rhode Island, guess what I realized? No freakin' memory card. Which means that I was stuck with my iPhone for all photos. I was pretty upset, but we made the best of it I bet this actually made everyone around me pretty happy, since I wasn't running around with the black box attached to my head. I really cannot get over how interactive they were. Although they are not playing with each other just yet, they definitely watched one another and followed each other. For now they were more into parallel play, but I know that in another year or so things are going to be really different. This Children's museum had 2 floors, the first one has a water play area, some fun mirrors, and a few other small activity rooms. The upstairs had trucks, magnets, kitchens, discovery stations, and jungle rooms. After spending some time running around downstairs, we headed up to our next adventure. The … [Read more...]

Week by iPhone – week 17/52

It's Saturday which is like my favorite day of the week because you don't have to get up extra early to shower and get dressed before the baby was even up and you don't have to go to sleep early to be up early the next day (it's a vicious cycle). Linking up with Amy. 1 and 2.  Peanut on Sunday night.  She is such a happy litlte camper when she gets her pacifier at the end of the night.  She is not a happy camper when we pull her out of the bath but she is excited when I tell her that she can go get her "nu-nu" (it's the name our daycare uses and we all kinda adjusted).  3.  Peanut and I snuggling up on the rocking chair together for book time and a bottle before bed on Sunday.  I adore our little time, especially since she's learned to snuggle up to me by putting her adorable little head on my shoulder.  4.  Monday night bath time - Peanut's aunt Penny got her the cutest (and funniest) wash cloth ever.  The hippo goes on my hand and I attempt to bite P with it while she giggles her little face off.  Honestly, we're so lucky with the people that adore our little Peanut.  5.  Monday night snuggles with my little baby and her nu-nu.  6.  Wednesday night Peanut and I spent some time hanging out in the basement playing with her new super big ball that her grandparents (my mom and dad) got her.  She loves carrying the big thing around.  7.  Wednesday night, while I was checking out some recipes on Healthy Aperture, Peanut was tugging her little toy from her Godparents … [Read more...]


(Yes, I know that is not correct...but that's where we're at today) Peanut butter just turned 15 months over the weekend and last night she would have had her last ever bag of frozen breast milk.  I removed it from the freezer, took a picture of P waving bye-bye and put it in a bowl to warm up while Jon gave her a bath.  Within 5 minutes the bag ripped, the milk went into the water and the whole thing smelled funny.  I ended up throwing it out. I would say that I'm feeling a little nostalgic toward the whole thing, but to be honest I'm glad it's over.  I've gotten over the whole breast milk thing when I stopped breastfeeding and pumping and when we reached her 1 year with exclusive breast milk, I was ecstatic.  Anything over that was just a bonus.  3 months over that was a ridiculous bonus.  I'm happy and I'm glad that it's done. This past weekend I spent some time with my parents while Jon was away doing bachelor things at a bachelor party.  It was amazing to get to relax and not cook or clean and to watch them bond.  I loved watching my parents interact with their granddaughter and spoil her and me.  The down fall (because there always is one, isn't that the truth?) is that I noticed just how un-baby-safe their house is!  They have stairs, a basement, cement stairs by the back door.  It stressed me out to watch P constantly while I barely pay attention at home anymore since we've baby proofed.  I brought  gate with me just in case to block the stairs going … [Read more...]

Spicy rice pilaf with lentils

Rice pilaf used to be one of our favorite dishes in the king household.  Granted I used to put some pretty weird things in there - hot dogs (no, not while I was pregnant) and other variety of things. Since the baby I haven't made a whole lot of rice pilaf and today I am fixing that. This rice dish has a bit of a mexican twist to it with beans, lentils, and spices.     I love all the texture and the spices, as well as the fact that it's a healthier version. Which brings me to two different points. 1.  The kidney beans.  I decided to buy a bag of dry kidney beans to save dollars and avoid some canned food.  The back of the package said to soak them in hot water for 1 to 6 hours and I did just that. Not a huge fan.  Next time I think I'll try to soak them in water overnight to see if that makes a difference. 2.  The brown rice.  What. a. pain.  I swear it's out to get me.  But don't worry - I prevailed. Back to the rice pilaf. This recipe is especially great because it only takes you a couple of minutes to put together and then you just let it cook for a while.  Just what the doctor ordered for this mom of a super mischievous little toddler. Spicy rice pilaf with lentils   Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time 1 hour Total time 1 hour 5 mins   Healthy dinner that takes a couple of minutes to put together and cooks while you're free to do whatever you need. Author: Kat, adapted from Quick & Easy meals … [Read more...]