Cheesy Wine night

What do you get when you combine cheese, wine and some much-needed girl time?

Cheesy wine night!

This past Friday night a few of my favorite ladies got together at our house for an evening of French-themed cheese and wine.

(please excuse the photo quality – a dark basement in the evening with a tripod and a remote results in pretty dark photos)

From left to right, Janice, Gina, moi, and Laura.

And here’s the breakdown of our wine:

1.  Vin De Savoie Apremont 2010

Our first wine was a white wine.  I have to say that I think this was my favorite wine – it’s light, refreshing and crisp with a little spice.

2.   Jean-Marc Brocard Chablis 2009

Our second wine, also white, was a Chablis.  This one was a little more acidic, but still refreshing.  I can see myself enjoying a glass on a hot summer evening on our porch.

3.  Chateau La Cardonne Medoc 2005

After our initial taste of the whites, we moved on to the reds.  This Bordeaux was definitely very different from the first two light, crispy wines.  Tasting of dark fruit, this medium to full bodied wine was right up my alley!  As I always say, I love a glass of wine I can almost chew.

4.  E Guigal Côtes-du-Rhône

Our last wine was a Côtes-du-Rhône, another full bodied red.  Spicy and earthy, this wine was right at the top of my list as well.  Intense, aromatic, and full of tannins, this was the perfect finish to our wine tasting.

Oh and let’s not forget all the cheese.  Ah, the cheese!  Between the fondue made with white wine, Comte, Emmental and Morbier (I skipped the Beaufort) and the amazing soft cheeses, I can barely look at cheese again I ate so much.

And of course, my favorite part, was the conversations.  It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve had some time to just sit around and chit chat freely with the ladies.  No judgement, no reservations.  I think I laughed so hard I almost peed (I said almost).

The funny thing about all of us getting together (aside from the fact that all 4 of us actually work together, although not in the same office), is the technology.

Every one of us spent probably 80% of the time googling something, posting to Instagram, browsing Facebook, or playing music.  What did people do before iPhones?