Children’s Museum in Rhode Island

This Saturday Jon, Peanut and I met up with my bestie, her hubby, and their baby-boy at the Children’s museum in Rhode Island.

This place was amazing!

Right when we got there, Peanut bolted toward the water room and spent almost 30 minutes just playing in the water. She loved watching the balls go down the slide and make a splash. Baby boy Michael joined in and the kids had a blast.

I have to tell you guys a little something. Jon and I were running a little behind in the morning and I didn’t double check that the camera had a memory card in it. When we arrive in Rhode Island, guess what I realized? No freakin’ memory card. Which means that I was stuck with my iPhone for all photos. I was pretty upset, but we made the best of it

I bet this actually made everyone around me pretty happy, since I wasn’t running around with the black box attached to my head.

I really cannot get over how interactive they were. Although they are not playing with each other just yet, they definitely watched one another and followed each other. For now they were more into parallel play, but I know that in another year or so things are going to be really different.

This Children’s museum had 2 floors, the first one has a water play area, some fun mirrors, and a few other small activity rooms. The upstairs had trucks, magnets, kitchens, discovery stations, and jungle rooms. After spending some time running around downstairs, we headed up to our next adventure.

The first thing the kids wanted to do was the big tractor and the little trucks with play rocks. While Michael enjoyed riding the big tractor, Peanut collected tiny little soft rocks and filled up the Tonka trucks. Then the two of them switched off. Within minutes, they were off again, exploring.

In a different part of the museum, Michael climbed into a car and decided to go for a little Saturday afternoon drive. I brought Peanut near him and asked him if he could share the car with Peanut, to which he replied “yes” like a perfect gentleman.

I put P next to Michael and the two of them played for a little while. It was pretty much the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I melted.

Can you believe that just a few months back they looked like this?

And like this

Just over a year ago, they looked like this:

Honestly, kids change faster than I could have ever even imagined.

Back to the children’s museum and the story at hand.

Tired from their Saturday afternoon drive, Peanut headed off to play in the kitchen while Michael ran around the tunnels.

Since Michael is 9 months (almost to the day) older than Peanut, he could do the more advanced stuff like climd things.

After they played separately for a little while, the kids came back together and released some energy at a playground space within the museum. As I chased my tiny little toddler around, catching her as she mistook steps and pulling her away from the bottom of the slide, I noticed that I was the only helicopter mom in the whole area. I gave myself an excuse since mine was the youngest and by far the smallest little one. I know that I have to learn on letting her do more on her own, but she is so tiny that it’s hard not to want to protect her.

After the playground, the kids settled in for a little snack and we decided to let Michael open his birthday (and very belated Christmas) presents. It was great watching them unwrap everything and get excited, “ooh!” and “ahh!”

While the adults got to sit down and chat, the kids ran around and played with the magnet wall. It was nice to catch up and see everyone, as well as see Inna’s little belly! To say that I’m excited for this new little baby to join our little gang would be an understatement.

As the kids got whinier, we decided to call it a day and split up for the afternoon. Inna and company headed home while we grabbed a (horrible!) lunch and then headed home ourselves.

Peanut didn’t seem like she wanted to leave that place.

I don’t blame her.


  1. They are both adorable. She is super tiny; I don’t know how you ever let her go. The Children’s museum used to be my favorite place to hang out. What a fun day!

  2. That looks amazing! Wish we lived closer, think it is a bit far to go for a day trip! ;0)

  3. It looks like you guys had so much fun! My Sophia is only (almost) 9 months old and I can’t wait until she can have that kind of fun at the local Children’s Museum!

  4. Awww! Oh my goodness! I have been followin your blog since Peanut was a few moths old and I live in Providence and take my little brother and sister there often! If I had known ahead of time, I would of loved to have met you. Oh well.. Always another time!

  5. I used to forget my memory card ALL THE TIME. Then I bought a second one. Now, if one is in the card reader, the other is in my camera. If I need photos off the one in the camera, they get swapped. I don’t let myself put them anywhere else except those two places. No more forgotten memory cards!

    • I have about 4-5 cards…and I could never tell you where most of them are. I try to be really good about it but it just rarely happens. one is in the computer, one is on the shelf, one is in one of the camera bags, another in another…the list always goes on. It seems like none is in the camera.

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