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I decided to get my (body’s) life back in order and begin running again.  I was a runner for a couple of years (and more than a couple of years on and off before that) before Peanut was born.  In fact, I ran during the first half of the pregnancy and walked 2-4 miles the second half.  I dabbled with working out postpartum but it just never stuck.  And I’ve had enough of it – I cringe with jealousy when I see a runner and my body aches in anticipation of the muscles tightening and relaxing with every step.  So this week I started walking/running with Peanut after work.  o-m-g sore does not begin to describe how I feel right now.  But I must say, I’ve been craving this sore feeling for almost a year and I’m happy that I’m getting back into it.

Related to the note above, I’ve dusted off my old running shoes (I desperately need a new pair, but choose to spend my non-committed-well-earned $$ on bloggy things and camera stuff instead…who does that?) and my Nike plus.  Since I have to have the phone with me anyways, I geared up the Nike plus on my iPhone and things are going well.  Except that it’s not calibrated (I am not running 7 minute miles) and it won’t sync with the website.  Do you know how easily I get frustrated when technology doesn’t work the way I want it to?  (very very very easily) *Update* I figured out how to fix it since I started this post.  All is well again.

Unrelated to above, please look at Bella’s face in this photo (she’s the big brown dog).

Don’t you just want to smother her with kisses?

I’ve been thinking a lot on the balance between work, home, kids, husbands, blogging, photo-taking, photo-editing, eating, scrapbooking, cleaning, working out…the list goes on.  How does one find a happy medium among all of those things?  I know that the appropriate answer is to choose the things that are important to you and let the others go, but what if I really don’t want to?  What if I truly enjoy every single one of those things, along with probably about a half dozen others?  Instead of letting some things go, I’ve become insanely good at scheduling every last minute of my day to make sure that I have time for everything that I want to do.  Sometimes this works so great that I feel completely fulfilled and happy; other times I get so overwhelmed that even sitting down to watch television gives me anxiety.

I’ve started to get up early to give myself an extra 30-45 minutes to do the things that I won’t have time to do later that day.  Considering that I go to bed by 10pm most nights, I can stand to give up some sleep and I still end up with almost 8 hours a night.  I’m calling that a good compromise.

How do you balance life, work, and all your other hobbies and responsibilities? 



  1. I’m the same way… I am not really passionate about one or a few things, but I do have a LOT of interests. I go through phases of what I’m interested in, and sometimes I even have to put things on my daily to-do list to ensure I make time to do them. Otherwise, I can’t tell you how many days I wanted to do something and simply forgot because I didn’t even have time to think about it. And I don’t even have kids! I’m sure it’ll be a lot harder to squeeze even more out of my day once I do have kids, but like everything else you just make it work (at least I hope so, one day!).

  2. When can we restart our running dates? I’m working on making Anne a runner too. She’s up to two miles a day!

  3. Now that you are working out again – you will have the extra energy to do all the things you love!!! And enjoy the times when you can fit it all in b/c the reality of being a wife and mom means that lots of unpredictable things can come up and take up your time. So if you are able to squeeze it in, I say ENJOY!! (And are you seriously able to scrapbook with a 1-year old?????? HOW?!?!)

  4. Juggling….that’s what I am doing with seems like 20 balls right now. I just work and work until I get things done and if I don’t then the next day I’ll work and work until things are done. I realized last night that I won’t have a free weekend until Memorial weekend. TNT was complaining about me not being able to help him with corn planting and I had to remind him that this is what we want. Me being busy with the photo business so I can quit my job in town and work on the farm with him and take pictures. I told him think BIG PICTURE honey!!!!!!

  5. Let me know when you figure it out. I’ve been busy enough that my training for the 10m race I signed up for and is in 3 weeks…has been nonexistent. Chris claims he’s still making me do it. I think he wants the life insurance money.

  6. This is such a hard thing with working and having a child. Im not sure I will ever find a true balance but doing the best I can. Ive thought about getting up earlier also but anything earlier than 5:30 just seems a little crazy to me. Maybe one day I will though.

  7. Hi Kat! I just started running again after having a baby and it really feels so good to be that sore again! :) I hear you on the Nike fitness app … I deleted it and downloaded the “MapMyRun” app. I like it better. Might want to try? Have enjoyed your blog – been lurking for a long time!

    • Hi Heather! Thanks for the comment! I may try it, although I did just buy new sneakers (today!) for the Nike+ and I finally got it to sync! I use online all the time for figuring out the “true” distance for the nike+ calibration, so it’s funny that I haven’t downloaded the app yet! What I really want is the Nike+ band…but that is WAY out of my price range.

  8. I definitely struggle to balance all of the things I want to do. And I’m anxious to get back into a solid running routine (especially because I’m tentatively planning to run a half in September!). Sam is *almost* sleeping through the night, and when he does consistently, I think I might try the wake up 30-60 minutes before the peanut thing. I bet I could get a lot accomplished in that short period of time!

    • I need to start getting up even earlier and more consistently but during the winter, I find it impossible. now with the sun coming up earlier and the weather warming up it’s easier.

  9. Great job getting back to running!!

  10. Shoot…I haven’t had a baby, but I need to get back into running. Ever since I ran my half marathon (in AUGUST), my drive just hasn’t been there. But, I long for it and want the motivation to start back up again.

  11. Aw man, I so wish I could run still! (Bad knee.) I am super impressed that you’ve been able to work everything into your schedule. You must be SO organized! I mean, just the fact that you blog EVERY DAY is super impressive. I can’t even find time to SHOWER every day, and I don’t even have a kid! :-)

  12. This post is so perfect for my current state of being… I’ve been in a funk for the past few weeks trying to solve the worlds problems and figure out how to juggle it all. Work life, home life and me life… it’s tough! I just keep telling myself that it’s a phase… the messy house means the kids are being played with, and in 10 years I won’t recall being behind on chores, but rather the ‘firsts’ I am witnessing at home.

  13. This post really hit home for me. I’ve been finding excuses every day why I cant dedicate some time to ME, and it’s so important to regain ME in order to be a better mom, a better wife, a better daughter, a better co-worker. There are so many things I want to do that my wish to-do list is giving me an anxiety! I really need to set priorities. I need to take your advice and start going to bed earlier and getting up at least 30 min before the baby to get mentally ready for the day! I will start with that tonight by going to bed EARLY!

  14. I get up early now as well to sort of “center” myself and that works well. But I am like you — 1 million things I want to do, none of which I really want to let go. It’s hard and sometimes overwhelming, but I also think setting goals (like “print all pictures and get into albums by X date”) makes it more manageable…so you can bounce back and forth between things.

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