Our week by iPhone – week 14/52

I’m already falling in love with this whole week by iPhone link up with Amy @ A Good Life.

Did you all see the Instagram was purchased by Facebook?  Thoughts?  And if you’re an Android user, Instagram is now on Android!  Come find me @MrsLLTKings.

In other random technology news, Flickr is now using Aviary for their built-in photo editing…I gave it a quick try and right now I miss Picnik.  But as usual, I will probably just adjust.

Now on to our week.

1.  Spring cleaning has commenced.  We are trying to do a couple of tasks each day in order to avoid spending a full weekend (something we currently cannot afford) cleaning.  2. Peanut has learned to sign “more” and does it to absolutely everything.  Here she is saying “more vacuuming” please.  Is she my kid or what?  3.  P and I reading some books in the morning on Monday before work.  4.  Travis got a hair cut.  Mistake made by me – trying to shave him outside in the wind…let me tell you, Yorkshire terrier hair does not taste good.  5.  P is obsessed with brushing her teeth.  She won’t let us brush them any more.  6.  After a long day at daycare and a ton of play outside, P was so tired that she decided to eat lying down.  7.  However, after dinner she was right back up and chasing the poor dog.   8.  Tiny little feet – I never want to forget.  9.  My scallions after just over a week.  Insane-o.

10.  Spending a few extra minutes in bed, cuddling, is one of my favorite things.  Peanut loves playing in our bed.  11.  Jon was traveling a couple of the days so P and I entertained ourselves by playing with some water outside.  No surprise that we both ended up soaked.  12.  P signing “more” mac n cheese.  13.  As part of our morning routine, Peanut helps me put the dog into the crate.  14.  I have a feeling this is going to be a look she’ll perfect when she’s older…mommy embarrassing her by taking pictures in the tub.  15.  Cuddling together…I love this kid.  16.  Saturday a few of my girlfriends got together for a Cheesy Wine Party.  17.  Fondue and 18.  Wine.  (more on the night and our wine later this week!)

19.  The party crashers – the guy on the left is getting married in just a couple of months to one of my besties!  (the one on the right is already married…to one hellova lucky lady).  20.  A walk on Saturday to try and burn off some of those Cheesy Wine calories.  21.  Our traditional drive to western MA to celebrate Easter with family.  22.  Peanut causing trouble at her great-grandmother’s house.  23.  The clouds on our drive back home – they were spectacular.  24.  Once home, daddy plopped his butt on the couch to finish watching the Masters while P and I played with her Easter goodies – chalk and 25.  playdough and bubbles.  26.  Peanut and I attempted to go for a walk/run but that ended in a meltdown and Jon picking her up while I finished the walk/run with Travis.  Better luck next time?  27.  The end of a wonderful week – P in the bathtub.

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