Peanut – 15 months

I was thinking the other day that if adults made the learning and discovery progress that babies and toddlers do, we would all be infinitely ahead of where we are.  That’s not to say that we’ve not made progress as adults, but the rate at which we learn and discover the world around us has slowed down to slower than snail pace if you compare us to the 1 and 2 year olds.

On growth: Peanut is a tiny little Peanut.  She has dipped below the 3rd percentile in her weight, which has us a little worried.  Although she’s always been a super good eater, P prefers fruits and veggies to, well, anything.  With the help of our pediatrician, we’ve outlined the actions we’ll be taking to fatten the little nugget up a bit.

On a more positive note, she’s in the 25th percentile for height and 50th for head circumference.

On her development: Although she’s a tiny little Peanut, she’s actually right on target with all of her development.  I always get a little nervous and excited about the questions that our pediatrician will ask at Peanut’s Well visits.  Here are some of them:

Walking: Peanut is steady on her feet and has learned how to fall on her hands, rather than on her head.

Talking: the pediatrician asked if Peanut can say 3 words and she can!  To date she’s saying dog (“di” or “dawg”), more (“maw”), and ball (“bawl”).  There are a few other words that we catch from her here and there, but I’m hesitant to say that she’s mastered them (although yesterday and this morning I did notice that she points to ducks and says “duh”).  She’s also pretty good about animal sounds, especially moo and bah (I’m still working on the Russian animal sounds).

Understanding: the pediatrician asked us if Peanut is communicating in other ways and understanding what we’re saying and I’m happy that the answer is “yes”!  She will actually go get her coat or shoes if you ask her, and as of recently will put them back if you ask her to.  She knows when it’s time to change her diaper and will walk to her room (or hide, depending on her mood), she understands bath time and almost all of the routine.  At bath time, she’ll identify the toys and hand them to us to put away one by one.  The pediatrician also asks about pointing – if we point to something, will P look and will she point to things she wants.  Peanut does both!  In fact, when waking around in a new surrounding, she will actually keep her pointer out, ready to point at things and ask us what is it (“dis?”).  It’s pretty hilarious.  She’s also developed an adorable habit with books – whenever she wants to read one, she will go and pick out a book, walk over to me, and then turn and back up until she is sitting on my lap, ready to read.  I crack up every time because I keep making the truck “beep beep beep” noise in my head as she backs her little tush.

Mastering her hands: In addition to pointing, we talked about Peanut’s use of utensils.  Ya’ll saw what she does with her yogurt, but recently Peanut actually started to use a fork!  She will spend 1-2 minutes trying to stab a piece of food with her plastic tiny fork, continuing until she succeeds.  She makes for slightly longer meal times, but is pretty fun/funny to watch.  I’m thinking about buying her the kid-friendly metal forks since using our forks has led to many “almost” pokes of the eye.

On playing: Peanut’s playtime has also progressed from looking at things or trying to fit them into whatever is nearby to actually doing it on purpose.  She’s transferred her mastery of the shape sorter to other things, like puzzles and various stacking and sorting toys.  She’s learned which parts of her talking toys to press to get results, she stacks blocks, she cuddles her dolls.  Last week at daycare I actually caught her sharing and taking turns with a toy.

On listening to her parents: Along with some understanding and communication, Peanut is actually becoming a better listener.  She still doesn’t like being told “no” (although since I don’t either, I don’t blame her), but if you give her a direction, she will do it.  So instead of asking Peanut not to touch things (which we still do very often), we will ask her to sit down, or get us a different object.  She loves being given a task to do and eagerly redirects her energy into accomplishing it rather than, say, ripping my plants into shreds.

On the other hand, she’s still a little rascal.  She loves to push her boundaries and defy what we ask of her.  We’ve been handed a sheet on ‘discipline’ at our 15 month appointment and are studying it carefully.  But for now we just ignore the behaviors or remove her from the situation.

On her awesomeness: I think one of my favorite new things that Peanut does is pointing out all her body parts.  As far as we can tell, P knows her feet, belly, mouth, teeth (although she has none), tongue, nose, head, eyes, and hair.  And yes, she pokes her eye out each time, sticks her finger in her nose, and bites down whenever pointing out the appropriate body part.  We laugh (until she pokes our eyes or sticks her finger up our nose…then we laugh some more, but through a pained expression).

What kinda stuff did you get asked at your 15 month appointment?  


  1. We didn’t get asked much of anything, though they did check to see if he could stand and walk. They gave us a questionnaire instead for fill out in advance of his 18 month appointment.

  2. i love your little girl!

  3. Jax was super tiny too. We had to give him lots of fattier foods and drinks. I’m curious if the doctor had anything to say about her lack of teeth? I have a friend whose daughter was very small and didn’t have teeth at that age either and they put her through a bunch of testing. Obviously P seems to be developing just fine! But I was just curious…

  4. What actions are you taking to fatten her up? I am curious as I have a tiny little girl too. I wonder what our Pedi will suggest at our 15 month appointment coming up. My little one is not a fan of milk in a sippy either so it is hard to get calories in her with a ton of milk! We finally got her to drinking SOME milk from a sippy, but it is so different from a bottle – she won’t just sit there and chug it all down in one sitting, you know what I mean? She just sips on it, and eventually gets bored with it. She goes to daycare too so it’s not like they can just leave the cup out all day and let her sip on it.

    • Meghan – we are in the SAME BOAT! We actually decided to do a transitional sippy cup for the time being to make sure she had milk in the morning and evening and at daycare we give her Kefir packs which she chugs in one sitting. Our pediatrician asked us to start her on Pediasure once a day (we do it in the morning mixed with her milk in the transitional sippy) and are trying to promote more fat in her diet with peanut butter, cold cuts, and avocado, among some others. Since I’ve been giving Peanut her own o=lunch each day (our daycare feeds the kids), I think that might have something to do with her not eating as well there too – so as of tomorrow we’re going to let them feed her (I reviewed their menus and they look nutritional) – we’re hoping that eating the same thing as her classmates will promote eating. The weird thing is that Peanut absolutely LOVES eating, but she just prefers veggies and fruit to anything else. Good luck at your appointment!

  5. What a cutie! Happy 15 months!
    My son was always below the 3rd percentile in weight and above the 95th in height. We did all the tricks to fatten him up, without much luck. He’s still considered underweight, at age 7. After a few years of this, the pediatrician reassured us that it’s just in his genes to be tall and skinny!

  6. Love that photo! What a great idea!!

  7. Nicole Anderson says:

    She’s adorable. She’s growing up so fast, isn’t she? Thinking about it somewhat makes me happy and sad. Happy that I can see my kids grow up so well. And sad that one of these days, it’s not the same anymore when they grow up. :)

  8. We were just asked the normal developmental questions, but the doctor did say it was nice to see bruises on his legs since that meant he was active and on the go. Who would have thought that would be a good thing?! I was worried they would think we were beating him. Ha!

    Keep it up with the sippy cup…she will drink milk again. I was worried Bryce would never drink milk again, but he came around and he just may be the most stubborm child ever. Ha!

  9. We didnt get asked very much at our 15 month appt. It sounds like she is right on target and Im sure with some help she will be able to be fattened up.

  10. Hermina Whitley says:

    She’s getting prettier and smarter as she grows up. Just a little time more and before you knew it, she’s ready to learn more things in school. Time flies and cherish every moment while she’s still a baby. :)

  11. Aww… your little peanut is just beyond words! So precious! I think being little is adorable… TT TOWERS above other kids here age – LOL! I’m 5’9″ so maybe that’s why… ;-)

    I can’t remember about our 15 month appt… I’m not very good with keeping up with those things… but from what you wrote about her, it sounds like she is progressing perfectly! What a cutie! :-) Have a wonderful week!

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