Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Happy Monday, peeps!

I finally got my act together to participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday (ok, so it’s Monday, but at least I did it!).

1. Simple

I bought this Quick & Easy Meals by American Heart Association cookbook back in April of last year when P and I spent out last maternity week together before she started daycare.  It is pretty much my go-to cookbook now that I’m super obsessed with feeding our family healthy meals when I have no more than 20-30 minutes to put them together.  Almost weekly I pick out 1-3 meals form the book to try (and usually readjust a bit) and then I prep as many things on the weekends as I can so that I can fit in some runs and playtime on week nights.  I chose this for my simple photo because that’s exactly what it makes meal times – simple!

2.  Grain

Speaking of healthy alternatives, I’ve started to cook more and more with brown rice rather than its bleached cousin.  I’ve messed up about 5 meals so far, but I think I finally have the timing down!

3.  Transportation

Peanut’s godparents got P this adorable puzzle toy from Melissa & Doug!  How freakin’ cool is it?  Peanut’s been dragging it behind her most of the day Sunday.  It’s another add-on to our quickly growing Melissa & Doug collection.  I can’t get over how amazing their toys are!

4.  Stitch

I got this placemat for some photos and I absolutely love the bright switching on it.

5.  Bubble

Peanut is obsessed with bubbles so much so that we’re not even allowed to mention the name in our household unless we want to faint from blowing them for the rest of the afternoon.  Taking photos of bubbles blowing in the wind outside?  Pretty much impossible.