Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Today’s Scavenger Hunt entries come to you from our house because between the yard that’s neglected and our filthy house (along with plans almost every weekend), I had no time to get out.  Luckily, Jon mowed the lawn and the sun was shining so there you have it.  My yard.

1.  Yellow

One of my daughter’s letter blocks.  I thought it would make for a fun Yellow, especially since it’s a “Y”!  I love these blocks, but we’ve been keeping them away from the baby for the time being since they go directly in her mouth and they tend to shed little pieces of wood.

2.  Something that makes you smile

No surprise here, Peanut is what makes me smile.  Especially these days – her very big personality packed into a very little person is amazing.  I can’t get enough of her silliness, her thoughtfulness, her sweetness, and even her mischievousness.

3.  Ancient or antique

I was actually between a few pictures here since most of the things in my yard are pretty ancient.  I ended up between this and our shed that needs to be thrown out, like 20 years ago.  I ended up here – a hollow tree stump that’s been in our yard since before we moved to our house.  It lies on the stone wall that separates our house form our neighbors.  Some years ago, the summer we bought our house, we talked to our then-neighbors about this stump.  They said it was on their property and therefore they would take care of it.  Then they sold their house.  The stump is still there.  I think I hear my husband say he’ll take care of it at least 5 times each year.

Right, as soon as we take a hot air balloon ride (kind of an incide joke here…I’ll have to tell you that story another time).

4. Splash

Do not be fooled by this photo, we do not water our yard.  Between the well that dries up so quick, we’ve been left without water way too often and the fact that we have no time (see above), it just doesn’t happen.  But I made an exception for you guys so I could get a splash photo.

5.  In the sun

I actually had a rather gorgeous photo of my Bleeding Hearts, but since Ashley used one for hers, I went for a photo of this tree.  When Hurricane Irene hit, a couple of rather large trees in our yard came down, missing the porch and our room by inches.  One of those super large trees was attached to this tree (the one that fell was larger, to give you some perspective). This guy is still standing.