(Yes, I know that is not correct…but that’s where we’re at today)

Peanut butter just turned 15 months over the weekend and last night she would have had her last ever bag of frozen breast milk.  I removed it from the freezer, took a picture of P waving bye-bye and put it in a bowl to warm up while Jon gave her a bath.  Within 5 minutes the bag ripped, the milk went into the water and the whole thing smelled funny.  I ended up throwing it out.

I would say that I’m feeling a little nostalgic toward the whole thing, but to be honest I’m glad it’s over.  I’ve gotten over the whole breast milk thing when I stopped breastfeeding and pumping and when we reached her 1 year with exclusive breast milk, I was ecstatic.  Anything over that was just a bonus.  3 months over that was a ridiculous bonus.  I’m happy and I’m glad that it’s done.

This past weekend I spent some time with my parents while Jon was away doing bachelor things at a bachelor party.  It was amazing to get to relax and not cook or clean and to watch them bond.  I loved watching my parents interact with their granddaughter and spoil her and me.  The down fall (because there always is one, isn’t that the truth?) is that I noticed just how un-baby-safe their house is!  They have stairs, a basement, cement stairs by the back door.  It stressed me out to watch P constantly while I barely pay attention at home anymore since we’ve baby proofed.  I brought  gate with me just in case to block the stairs going to the second floor, but since it’s been over 20 years since my parents have had to be conscientious of a roddler, it’s hard to run up behind them to close every door.

The question I have to other moms is how do you leave your toddler someplace that isn’t baby proofed?  I want to relax more, but I’m not sure how I will ever feel comfortable in someone else’s house the way I am at ours.  I’m really considering buying 2-3 more auto-closing baby gates to bring with me to everyone’s house.  Would that make me completely insane?  Alternatively, all visits should happen at our super safe baby house.

I have always wanted to teach Peanut Russian.  Realistically, it’s super hard to remember to speak Russian to her.  The added bonus of spending a weekend with my folks is that Peanut is exposed to Russian almost constantly.  You can tell that she realizes that it’s a different languages and watches them cautiously as they talk to her.  Since our visit I’ve made it a top priority to speak at least a few Russian words to her or count in Russian.

When she’s two I’m hoping to enroll her in a Russian school about 30-40 minutes from here.  I know it’ll be a pain to drive there and back each time, but it seems worth while.

Peanut godparents buy the most awesome gifts for her.  Let me start by saying that all of Peanut’s family and friends spoil her rotten and seem to pay attention to every little thing about her (like the time that Jon’s mom bought P a taggy toy because she learned that Peanut likes tags – how thoughtful is that?).  Any who, Inna and Mike have been getting Peanut these Melissa & Doug educational toys lately.

In return I am like the worst baby gift shopper ever.  I’m not kidding you.  I stand in a store and stare at the 50 light up toys and pick one out only to find out that the kid either (1) has it or (2) isn’t into it or (3) has outgrown it.

Well, not this time.  This time I went to a local place called Jordie’s that has an amazing selection of education toys.  I can’t wait to see Peanut’s future husband this weekend for his second birthday and I’m equally excited to show off my super awesome baby gift shopping skills.

I have almost no shoes.  I’m not kidding you.  I used to have a huge shoe addiction and since then I’ve worn them all out but haven’t paid much attention to shoe shopping.  Me.  No shoe shopping.  Sounds crazy when I type it out.

I need to fix that, but I literally find that I have no time.  I don’t like ordering shoes online unless I’ve already tried them on because I’m super picky about feeling comfortable (since I wear heels 10 hours a day).  Anyone got any favorites that they swear by?

And that completes my brain dump for this week.


  1. Cole haas shoes are wonderful.

    I don’t take my child to unbabyproofed houses. Heck, I bring a baby gate to the moms club policy because there’s a stage in the room that I don’t want her climbing on.

  2. Man, I’ve found that it’s ALWAYS more stressful to bring Zoe to somebody else’s house, period. We never babyproofed our house, so it’s not that… it’s that other moms freak the crap out about stuff that I couldn’t care less about. So, I find myself trying to make the other mom feel comfortable rather than keep my daughter safe. It’s also that Zoe is incredibly comfortable in her own skin, so she’s pretty adventurous even in unknown situations… and that can get tricky. This might sound funny, but I WAY prefer going to homes where there are more than 1 kid… my very favorite mom to visit has 5, and she’s so laid back… it’s wonderful! I think, though, that if you’re going somewhere for the weekend and you know they have stairs {or whatever} bringing a baby gate with you is totally acceptable. I mean, it’s no fun if you’re constantly stressing out about the safety of little Addi. As for normal playdates, it’s just a stage… in a couple months it won’t matter if things are babyproofed or not.

  3. I know it’s hard, but I think you’re gonna have to try to relax a little and let Peanut just be a kid… Which might mean learning things the hard way sometimes. We purposely didn’t do a ton of baby proofing (just outlet covers and cabinet locks for cabinets with chemical things) because we wanted Jax to learn not to touch everything and to listen when we said no. Stairs are a hard one and that might require a little more attention on your part, but besides that, she just has to learn to listen when you say “don’t touch”. And if she is somewhere without you, explain to whoever is watching her that they need to keep an eye on her. Try not to stress too much, close doors when you can, and just know that there are tons of places you’ll go that aren’t baby-proofed, but it’s all part of them learning how to obey mom and dad
    , and how to behave. :)

    • I am such a worrier! At our house it’s mostly about remembering to do things as well as locks on chemical doors and a couple of gates. It’s nothing major but I have such an anxiety over things.

  4. I’m already over the whole pumping thing and we still have a year to go (we are supposed to go b adjusted age, so right now C is still -6 days old). That’s awesome that you guys made it to 15 months!

  5. When I had 11 families running around my house last weekend I realized I’m not baby proofed at ALL!!! I don’t know how many times I heard, “put that down,” “don’t touch that,” or “that’s for pretty leave it alone.”

  6. In re: to shoes… = awesome! Free shipping BOTH ways! You can order several pairs in different sizes & then send back the ones that don’t work!

  7. I actually JUST went shoe/clothes shopping for a new job! I’m a heel-hater mostly because I’ve spent my whole career in scrubs and clogs in a hospital. (I will still be working at a hospital but now I will be wearing normal business clothes. . WEIRD?!?!) Anyway, I have been spoiled by comfort at work and am nervous about having to wear “real” clothes and shoes for 12 hours a day.

    Anyway, I decided that I shouldn’t do straight heels at work, I figured my feet and legs couldn’t handle it. My plan was to focus on low heels and comfortable sandals. But I quickly found another (better) option: the wedge/pump. They are totally comfortable, super cute and appropriate for work. SCORE! My favorites that I bought were these Calvin Klein peep-toes : I also think that every pair of Aerosoles I’ve ever put on are like pillows on my feet. Here are a cute pair that I am definitely going to try on next time I hit up Kohls :

    Hope that gets you started!

  8. I am back and forth on the whole leaving/being at a non baby proofed house. To some extent when I leave her by herself or with someone, I just give myself a pep talk that it is a time that I get to learn to trust others with my baby…at some point I will do this when she goes to kindergarten, to drive a car and on her first date. I use it as little ways to build my trust with people I know love her and want the best for her.

    When I am there too, I agree that it is a bit more stressful but thats cause I am more uptight when she touches something than anyone else is. I do just ask my parents or whoever to help keep doors closed and to watch her, etc. and if she is about to head for the steps, I let her but I also yell who is watching baby! to make sure someone is following/with her.

    I find there is a healthy balance between letting a child explore and teaching them no and having to protect her constantly. We have taken the same approach at our house. AM ALWAYS messed with our DVD player in the beginning. It was annoying at first but after a week or so of saying no, now she walks up to it and shakes her hand in front of it and says no, no! In that case I figure if she breaks it, its just a DVD player, so oh well – on the flip side, I dont let her play with glass in hopes of teaching her not to touch.

    I dont want her getting hurt but of course we cant turn our house into padded rooms and walls and it took me a few bumps and bruises to learn growing up and while I want to minimize those for her, I know we will have our share of that too, and I try to relax knowing that.

    • I totally agree with you! And I really need to get it under control, but some areas I feel are worse than others for me and my anxiety.

  9. The photo of you and P on the slide is brilliant. I love the colors and you are obviously having so much fun together! Perfecto! :)

    • awwww thanks you! I was actually terrified – that slide was crazy steep and I can’t believe they let kids go down on it!

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