Week by iPhone – week 17/52

It’s Saturday which is like my favorite day of the week because you don’t have to get up extra early to shower and get dressed before the baby was even up and you don’t have to go to sleep early to be up early the next day (it’s a vicious cycle).

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1 and 2.  Peanut on Sunday night.  She is such a happy litlte camper when she gets her pacifier at the end of the night.  She is not a happy camper when we pull her out of the bath but she is excited when I tell her that she can go get her “nu-nu” (it’s the name our daycare uses and we all kinda adjusted).  3.  Peanut and I snuggling up on the rocking chair together for book time and a bottle before bed on Sunday.  I adore our little time, especially since she’s learned to snuggle up to me by putting her adorable little head on my shoulder.  4.  Monday night bath time – Peanut’s aunt Penny got her the cutest (and funniest) wash cloth ever.  The hippo goes on my hand and I attempt to bite P with it while she giggles her little face off.  Honestly, we’re so lucky with the people that adore our little Peanut.  5.  Monday night snuggles with my little baby and her nu-nu.  6.  Wednesday night Peanut and I spent some time hanging out in the basement playing with her new super big ball that her grandparents (my mom and dad) got her.  She loves carrying the big thing around.  7.  Wednesday night, while I was checking out some recipes on Healthy Aperture, Peanut was tugging her little toy from her Godparents around.  8.  Peanut decided to join me and browse some recipes on Healthy Aperture as well.  She’s very picky about the things that she wants me to make (I’m totally kidding!).  She does love touching the computer which she is usually not allowed to even come near.  9.  After browsing the recipes and playing in the basement with all her toys, Peanut was hungry and pulled the huge box of gold fish out of the pantry.  I guess this was my hint to start dinner.

10.  When it was time to write my post for Thursday on Wednesday night, I couldn’t get it together.  I recently read this post about quality of posts over quantity and along with my plan to cut back on the extra pressures in my life, I decided that I would just let this day go.  Instead I cuddled up to the hubs on the couch and watches some Big Bang Theory.  11.  Along with a beer, I decided to have a little dry fishies.  I know that most people in the U.S. would totally think that I’m gross, but the thing is that in Russia this is totally normal.  12 and 13.  Peanut’s last bag of frozen breast milk.  Side-story:  I posted a picture via Instagram to my facebook account and decided to say “bm” since I know some people are squirmy about the use of the word “breast milk” (I am not sure why…it’s a natural thing).  Any who, a couple of friends of mine commented how they thought I meant something else with “bm”.  I laughed. A lot.  In fact, I’m still laughing.  14 and 15.  Per a request form my Twitter friend for some fashion diaries, here is a post of what I wore on Friday.  It’s casual, yet classy enough for an outing to happy hour with some coworkers.  (Banana Republic blazer and shirt, Express jeans, and Nine West shoes that my sister in law chose for her wedding and I’ve been wearing ever since).  16 and 17 and 18.  Peanut wanted to be in on the fashion diaries.  I love her little Osh Gosh overalls with a onesie (her daddy dressed her that morning which makes it all that much cuter).  She’s also decided to pull her blanket along almost every where she goes.  I love this little girl.  I do not love laundry.


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