Chicken and rice in a dutch oven

You know what is grossly underused in our household?  The dutch oven.  And aside from the fact that it's super heavy, I have no idea why not because when I do, we can't seem to get enough! So this weekend, although it was about 5 million degrees in our house (ok, maybe closer to 80), I decided to make something in my shiny, pretty dutch oven.  (for the record, I would recommend doing this when it's not hot or when it's so hot that there is no way that an over turned up to 425 degrees would even make a difference). The only redeeming thing I have going for me at this point is that we ate it on the porch.  Because it was too hot in the house. The simplicity of this meal and its delicious taste (plus that fact that Peanut loves rice and she's been super picky about eating lately) made the heat worth it. Now let's talk about my picky eater. I have no idea how a kid that used to get ecstatic at the sight of food has recently learned to shake her head at anything and everything that we offer her.  She even pitches a fit when we try to put her in the high chair. I do understanding that she's learning independence and freedom of choice and blah blah blah, but doesn't she understand that mommy can't handle watching her skinny little toddler go almost a full day without eating much more than a bite or two?  Apparently, not. So to resolve this new toddler eating disaster, I've decided that I would make food that she wouldn't be able to resist.  On her list … [Read more...]

Guest post & a Giveaway: Whale of a Sign

Hi Peeps, I'm Molly from Blonde Out Loud! I'm so excited that Kat asked me to sponsor a giveaway to go with my sponsorship. Gotta love the bloggy love! I’ve spent a lot of my 29 years traveling back and forth to New York City. I used to go with my dance company for classes … to see plays … field trips … and as I got older, my friends were living there. It should come as no surprise that I’ve been a devote fan of Saturday Night Live. If you’re an SNL viewer, have you noticed that the performance stages {monologue and musical guests} mirror Grand Central Station? It always caught my attention on the performance stage that the train schedule you can see is the New Haven line that I’ve traveled a bazillion times. I got inspired by the subway signs and after making some for my peeps it finally hit me … I could make dinero!! And so the Etsy shop was born:Now you can enter for a chance to win your very own 8"x10" subway-style sign! You can pick something that I already have done or design your own sign! You can enter up to 4 times (each comment will count as one entry, so you must leave a comment for each action) until Wednesday, 6/6/2012. Winner will be posted Thursday morning. Leave a comment: What would your sign say if you won? Favorite Whale of a Sign on Etsy & leave a comment letting me know you did Tweet this giveaway & leave a comment with a link to your twitter Like Whale of a Sign on Facebook & leave a comment letting me know you did Blog about … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Memorial Day weekend

Linking up with And then she snapped, Kent Weakley,  the Naptime momtag,  Project Alicia, Parenting by dummies. … [Read more...]

Peanut – 16 months

If I thought that time was flying before, I don't even know what to call now?   Skyrocketing?  Light speed?  Whatever it is, it's going really fast. This month Peanut has started to act out a lot more.  She's all about asserting her own opinion and making her own choices.  Between learning how to shake her head "no" and refusing pretty much anything we ask her to do, we're in big trouble over here. The biggest change this month has been her eating habits.  Peanut has always been a wonderful and adventurous eater.  But in the past month or so, she's cut that out almost cold turkey.   Peanut refuses almost any food - hot dogs are her favorite one day and then she won't touch them for 3 days straight.  The other day she gobbled up a whole bowl of apple sauce with cereal.  The following week she refused to go near it.  I'm lost - who is this child and where is my little Peanut who ate everything put in front of her? Along with her recent change in eating habits, Peanut is exerting her choice in, well, everything. This month she learned to shake her head "no" and now does it to every question.  "Peanut, do you want a snack?" Shakes head no.  "Peanut, do you want to walk?" Shakes her head no.  I wonder if we can teach her how to shake her head "yes"?  Right now the whole shaking of the head thing is really cute, but I can see how it's going to get real old real fast. We've been trying to "discipline" our toddler, but at this point, I think the best discipline that … [Read more...]

Week by iPhone, week 21/52

Happy Memorial Day weekend, peeps!  Hope you're all enjoying yourselves, as well as remembering the reason behind the holiday. Here's what we've been up to. 1.  Last day in Sonoma - what I wore.  2.  My new flip flops from Target.  I seriously love that store.  (but you have to pronounce it Targeeeee).  3.  I came home Sunday to a very sick baby.  She was absolutely miserable and I couldn't figure out how to make her feel better.  4.  We even let P watch television because it was the only thing that would calm her down.  5.  It's crazy what baby Tylenol will do though.  P was up and playing within the hour.  6.  Roses in my garden opening up!  I love spring and summer.  7.  Target shipped me my new shoes (I ordered them online).  LOVE the free shipping and how quick they came.  Peanut loved the box.  8.  Weeknight dinner - super quick fajitas wit chick peas.  Delicious and nutritious.  9.  What I the work bathroom mirror because I forgot to take a photo at home.  Thankfully I usually et in about 30-45 minutes before anyone else, so there were no witnesses. 10.  One of the pairs of shoes that got shipped form Target.  Conveniently the Bride emailed all the Bridesmaids about the wedding shoes for June and said that nude would fit nice.  Yes, yes it would!  11.  Earrings...I rarely ever change my studs up, but love these.  12.   Our sick kid - the only thing she's eaten in the past few days are these rice puffs.  Poor kid.  13.  We stayed home on … [Read more...]