Dressing for your size and shape

One of the things that I found both amazing and frustrating is the many changes the my body went through from pre-pregnancy to being 41 weeks pregnant to having a baby to breastfeeding to today.  I went from a boy-shape to pregnancy-shape (I’m not even sure what shape that would be – seal?) to post-baby hourglass shape back to a slightly adjusted boy-shape.

I won’t lie to you that I mourned my clothes, stashed away in clear bins under our bed, during the pregnancy.  I had fears that we would never be reunited again, but I secretly hoped that I was wrong.

Aside from worrying about the future, I enjoyed my new pregnancy body – I loved the round belly (and the kicks that went along with it!) and I loved the way I felt – completely secure and confident.  It was amazing that this belly, something that was relatively foreign to me, was making me feel more confident than I’ve ever felt before.

I even had a blast dressing for my new size and finding ways to accent the belly and show off my bump.  During my pregnancy I was a big fan of empire waists, dresses, and boots.

After Peanut was born and I began to breastfeed, my body went through a whole other phase of a shape.  Although I didn’t have the belly after the first few weeks, I was still struggling through a lot of differences in my body – my hips were wider, my chest was bigger, and overall I just felt and looked different.

After a short mourning over my pre-pregnancy jeans, I put them back in the clean bin and pushed them out of sight and under the bed.  That day I went shopping for a new wardrobe and some new work clothes.  Dressing for my new shape was a bit unfamiliar to me – not only was I a couple of sizes above my pre-pregnancy size, but everything just fit different!

To be completely honest with you, I actually liked the way I looked then as well.  There was something very womanly about my new mom shape.

But that didn’t last either.

When I stopped breastfeeding, my body readjusted once again and now I’m back to pretty much my pre-baby shape.  I think there is still a little bit of difference because things don’t exactly fit the exact same way, but it’s pretty darn close.

So how do I dress for my boy-shape?

Ruffles (top from Banana Republic),

cropped jackets (top and jacket from Banana),

skinny jeans (top and jeans from Express),

v-neck dresses (dress from H&M, jacket from  Tahari, well, Marshalls) and lots of scarfs.

How do you dress for your size?

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