Guest post: Talk of Trains

Hi yall!! I am Lauren from Talk of the Trains. I am southern born and southern bred and I live in Georgia with my husband {CT3}, my 19-month-old {Anne Margaret} and my yellow lab {Champ}. I love photography, food, Starbucks, running, wedding planning and coordinating, DIY/craft projects, Jesus, traveling, watching the Bachelor and Little Debbie Zebra Cakes. I work part time and am at home with my little one the rest of the week.



I have been blogging for almost four years now and I started because my husband and I had just gotten married and I needed a creative outlet. Over the years my blog has gone from crazy stories about when I showed up for an old lady’s water aerobics class and the time I took a clogging lesson, to reminiscing about wedding planning and décor, to fantasizing over another honeymoon, to the birth and documentation of our first born child {my dog} and my first born girl {Anne Margaret}.


Currently, my family is going through a bit of a transition as my husband just took a new job {he manages a team making potato chips and works a gazillion hours a week}, I will be taking on a new job this fall, my Dad has just gone through a fight with cancer {currently blogging about this} and our family will be expanding this November…shhhh! I haven’t even announced it on my own blog yet!!!

All of that to say, though we have had lots of ups and downs – more ups than downs – blogging has been really therapeutic for me. It allows me to put my thoughts on paper, explore my creative side, post pictures and give our families and friends a way to keep up with our lives. On top of all of that, I have met some fabulous imaginary friends through it, like Kat!

I am not sure how I initially stumbled upon Kat’s blog. I think I may have seen a comment that she posted on someone else’s blog and then clicked the link {so commenting is a good thing for finding friends and us bloggers do love hearing from folks!}. I remember that one of the first ever posts that I read was their engagement story.  I remember how Jon was getting ready to propose while Kat thought it was time for some fun and showed up blindfolded and in her birthday suit. I laughed hysterically at the post and from then on out, I was hooked.

I was intrigued by Kat because of her boldness and fun loving spirit and as I got to know her via blog land I fell in love with her Russian food and accent and her little family! As I followed her, I watched her pregnancy announcement, her belly grow and then anxiously awaited from afar to read that Peanut had made her grand entrance into the world! Our kids are a few months apart so it’s nice and fun to hear/know what other mommy’s in similar stages of life are doing!

Many of you other bloggers out there are that same connection or friend for someone else out there so I encourage you, even if you are just doing it for yourself, to keep on doing it! There are people out there who love sharing your story and you never know when the words you post will really speak to or help someone!

As I was writing this post, I tried to think of something fun or a tip that I could leave you with….I feel like that’s what all guest bloggers do, right?! Well, I stink at cooking and I am not in shape so it seemed as if a recipe post or a fitness tip were out of the question.  The only thing that I could literally think of was to tell you was about photography and when taking pictures “get in tight, be way close to and focus on your subject.” …then I realized that I am not a good photographer and that no one should be taking tips from a girl who shoots mostly with her cell phone – though I do have a fancy mom camera – so that seemed lame too!!

Then it dawned on me. My absolute favorite thing to do and something fun that I could share with yall is how I have combined my love of scrap booking and blogging! So, in the spirit of creativity, blog land, reminiscing, enjoying our kids and family, one thing I wanted to mention you is how at the end of each year, I turn my blog into a scrap book. Obviously, if you are blogging, you are already documenting your life and turning it into print makes a fun coffee table and a great way to go back and share fun family stories. I just make mine an annual thing and I have great books telling pictures and stories of the things my little family has done and experienced!

There are many programs online that you can actually just download and sync your blog to, adjust a few pictures and text and voila! Its one of my favorite things to do and I cant tell you how much my husband and I have loved to flip back through the pages of the few that I have done and just relive our lives and remember our story. I use a program called Blurb {google it} and the quality is fabulous and its pretty inexpensive and has lots of creative liberties. You just download it to your computer and turn your blog into a book!

Anyway, special shout out to Kat today for letting me be a guest blogger and for her being an awesome person. Come leave me a comment at Talk of the Trains so that I can follow you and add you to my reader!