Healdsburg – Day 3

Friday was our third day in wine heaven California and our last full day of vacation.  By the recommendations of many, we decided to spend it in Healdsburg.

Similar to our first morning, we woke up, played on our computers, went for a run, lifted, and then had breakfast.  A little before noon we were showered and ready to hit the town.  Since we would spend a full day walking around, I opted to leave the big Canon at home and just geared myself up with my iPhone.  Please excuse the quality.


After getting dropped off by a cab at “wherever there is a sidewalk within walking distance of the town center” Gina and I were ready to take the cute little town of Healdsburg.  We started at Hawley winery, a family owned winery that has a tasting room in Healdsburg.  Along with tasting delicious wine, we poked around their art displays and items that were for sale.  That’s when Gina spotted the barrel top and I could tell it was love at first sight.  She did what any food blogger and social media guru would do – she posted a picture on Instagram and Twitter, asking for feedback about purchasing the barrel top.  All things pointed to “yes” and so she did, leaving it for us to pick it up on our way the following day.  Things were off to a great start.

williamson winery

Another great plus for stopping at Hawley was that they recommended two more family wineries.  After a quick stroll through the town we stopped at Williamson tasting room for their complimentary (yup, you read that right) wine tasting and cheese pairings.  We enjoyed a total of 7 wines and 7 pieces with toppings.  The wine was absolutely spectacular and their pairings delicious.  We couldn’t believe that it was free!

Next on our list was lunch!


We heard from a number of people we had met in the past 2-3 days about Willi’s in Healdsburg and couldn’t wait to try it out.  Another place with small plate, Willi’s is a seafood restaurant with a great patio that faces the street, offering us some people watching along with a delicious meal.  As usual, Gina and I over ordered.  Top to bottom on the left: cheese plate and accompanying crostini, scallop mac and cheese, crab cake; on the right:  salmon special and baby back riblets.

If you’re wondering if we had to be rolled out of the restaurant by the end, the answer is “yes.”

Following lunch we spent about 30 minutes just walking around, complaining of belly aches and drinking an insane amount of water.  We slipped in and out of antique stores and checked out the local coffee shop for some pick-me-up-lattes.

By the late afternoon we were hot and tired from walking.  Lucky for us, our next winery on the list was Portalupi and it happened to have very comfy couches that faced the wipe-open glass doors.  We read the history of the family-owner winery, tasted some wine, and relaxed.


When Portalupi looked like they were about to close, we made our way to another winery and found some more great couches.  The staff at Windsor Vineyards was super nice and let us just hang out and enjoy some bubbly until they closed as well.

Gina and I took a stroll through the town and hung out on the green, watching families stroll through and couples smell the roses (true stories…).  At 8 we made our way over to Zin for dinner.


While I enjoyed a rare steak and potato, Gina got some duck.  The meal was fantastic!

During our dinner we mostly paid attention to the woman behind me that spent about 10 minutes attempting to dip just one fry into sauce before giving up.  Apparently she had had a little too much wine during her day.

By 9 we were full, happy, and exhausted.  A taxi ride home and to bed we went.

Tomorrow will be the last recap of our final day in Cali…and I’m almost as sad for this serious to end as I was when our trip ended.