My favorite WordPress plug-ins, part 2

In part 2 of my WordPress plug-in series I wanted to cover some of my favorite WordPress plug-ins that don’t fit in the social category, but are must-haves.


A spam comment and trackback protector, Akismet protects my blog like no other.  It took so little to get it set up that I barely even remember doing it.  My blog gets on average about 20-80 spam comments (seriously, I don’t even know why) a day, yet not one of them shows up on my blog! It’s incredible.  The one or two times in the past year that a spam comment has made it past it, it was truly very creative.  I love the lack of word verification or hoops to jump through.

Comment Reply Notification

You know that awesome feature that lets you reply back to a comment on your blog and then it actually e-mails the original comment owner?  Yeah – that’s the one.  Gina mentioned it back on the first plug-in post and I made a point to remember this one on my list.  The only down fall, as Gina pointed out, is that it does not work on the mobile WordPress interface, which is a bummer.

Jetpack by

Addictive?  Yes.  Super useful? Heck, yes!  The Jetpack suite includes Stats (which draw me in and never let me back out), URL shortener,  grammar checker, and a few other useful little doo-hickeys.

W3 Total Cache

This plug-in allows your site to load faster because it saves certain parts of it on the browser.  It’s got pretty ridiculous stats that show just how much improvement this plug-in can bring, especially if you’re like me and love to load up your site with all sorts of plug-ins.  The downfall to this one?  It’s a pain to set up, especially if you want to make the most of it.


The simplest mobile interface that converts your blog for mobile devices without you having to do a single thing.  Yup, it’s that good.

Share your favorite plug-ins below to include on the next post!

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