Techy Tuesday – iPhone to Blog

I’ve been getting positive feedback from you guys about this whole Techy Tuesday idea and posting some tips and tricks for blogging and technology in general.  So, it goes on.

Today I wanted to share with you some apps that I find super helpful to load pictures from my iPhone to my computer and then the apps that I use to edit or post pictures to the blog.

(yes, one could just plug the iPhone to the computer and load the photos that way, but let’s face some facts here, shall we?  1- I’m lazy and 2- I have no idea where any of our 15 iPhone cords are.)


I think we all know that I adore Flickr (I get nothing for saying this…so you can know it’s my true opinion) and what I love about it even more is that I have a nifty app that I downloaded on my iPhone.  It’s great when I want to show off some recent pictures to someone at work in the middle of a staff meeting (wait, what??) and it’s even more awesome when I want to quickly upload the pictures form my phone directly to Flickr, which I use on my blog.  You can load one or multiple photos at once.

I use Flickr uploader any time that I want the picture in the exact format as it is on my phone.



Dropbox is one of my favorite apps for uploading and sharing photos, especially among multiple devices.  It works like this:  you upload things to it (files, photos, whatever) from any device and they show up on all your other devices (that also have the application installed).

I use Dropbox when I want to do a little more with my pictures – i.e. adjust them in Lightroom, pull them together in a collage, or just monkey with them in PicMonkey (ha…I’m so funny…sigh).

When that’s all set and done, here is what I use to edit my photos:

Flickr and Aviary (free) – great for making small edits, like adding some text or changing the size.

PicMonkey (free) – great for some online edits, adding text, and giving the photo a little zoom.

Lightroom ($$) – amazing editing, obviously.  This is much more, but I also use this one to make the collages.

Picasa (free) – ad text and do some simple edits.  I love this one for adding text to the collages, like the numbers.


Play along – what are your favorite apps?  Do these work well on other phone platforms?


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