Week by iPhone – week 18/52

As you read this, I’m packing up/driving/partying it up (I have no idea what time you’re reading this over there…) for my bff Laura’s Bridal shower and Bachelorette party.  I absolutely cannot wait to give you all the details but since Laura reads my blog and everything is a surprise, I don’t want to give any of it away just yet.  Check back next week for tons of posts and party details!  If you want to see the events as they unfold, follow me on Instagram or Twitter, where I have no doubt I’ll be posting pictures.

In the meantime, here’s a quick recap of our week by iPhone.

1.  Let’s talk about the sense of humor that my kid already has at the ripe age of 15 months.  Her new favorite thing is to point out all her body parts, like her nose.  Here she is with a card of a nose…does it look a little big for her face?  2.  Breakfast on the weekends is a blast – since Peanut eats breakfast at daycare most days, it’s a treat.  3.  Especially since she gets to eat it in her pajamas.  I love this kid.  4.  Sunday Jon and I did some yard work (and need to do a ridiculous amount more).  Peanut actually helped – I’m not even kidding.  She watched for a couple of minutes while I pulled weeds out and put them in the wheel barrel.  Minutes later she was right by my side, pulling little pieces of grass out and then throwing them in the barrel.  It was so stinking cute and surprisingly helpful, I had to stand around for a couple of minutes and stare.  Then get back to work.  After a few minutes, Peanut and I got hungry and had a snack out on the porch while daddy mowed the lawn.  5.  Lunch that day – Peanut is using a toddler fork!  6.  Since she didn’t have a lot of yogurt at breakfast, we gave her some at lunch.  She gobbled it up.  Then smeared it all over her face.  7.  Sunday mornings are laid back in our household – all the “kids” climb into bed.  Travis loves snuggling in bed.  8.  Peanut does too, especially when we get to read her favorite book – Wheels on the bus.  9.  I misplaced this photo – this is Peanut after the yogurt incident.  Guess what I looked like after I picker her up and let her nuzzle me?

10.  Weekday morning – a little Peanut in our bed.  Doesn’t she look so tiny in there?  Seriously, she is too cute.  She snuggles in our bed, has her bottle, reads some books while we get ready for the day.  11.  Wheels on the bus. 25 times.  I think I lost my voice that morning.  12.  My ruffle shirt (check out the Life Well Lived post I did earlier this week about dressing for your size and shape).  13.  This has been my breakfast lately – fruit, Greek yogurt, and some granola.  It’s delicious, nutritious, and keeps me full until lunch.  14.  After work one day, P playing in the basement while mommy gets some stuff together.  15.  It didn’t last long, she wanted to go outside – but it was cold and raining.  16.  Part of our morning routine (after we get dressed while P has a bottle, get P dressed, and play or read a book) Peanut gives Travis a treat and lets him go in his crate.  Then we play catch-the-baby-and-get-a-coat-on-her (seriously, why is it still so cold here?) and head out the door.  The end.  17.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I need new shoes.  This is one of my last pairs and they’re super scuffed.  I have no idea why.  18.  Thursday morning – our little Peanut drinking her bottle in our bed.

19.  Daddy feeding his little baby before bed.  A couple of comments here (a) this is actually a sippy cup top on a sippy that looks like a bottle.  It’s our mini victory and (b) until this week Peanut was only all about mommy.  It seems the tide has changed.  I’m very happy because I love watching these two cuddle up together or the way she runs up and gives him a kiss, but a part of me is selfishly wondering why I’m not the favorite.  20.  Peanut trying on mom’s shoes – daddy is nervous already.  21.  Friday morning, photobombed while trying to get a cute photo of the kid and I.  22.  We let Jon take a picture with us – I love these two.

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