Week by iPhone – week 19/52

Happy weekend, peeps!  So excited for this weekend because we get to see a lot of Jon’s family on Saturday for a Mother’s Day brunch and then hopefully (hint hint) the hubs has something nice planned for us for Mother’s Day.

But I know that’s not what you’re here for.  You’re here to see my disaster week in review.

1.  My bff Laura’s Bridal shower!  The scrabble theme is so “her”!  And it turned out perfect (even with all my anxiety).  2.  Arriving at the Taj for the Bachelorette Saturday night.  3.  I made goody bads for all the girls with their accessories for the evening.  This was Laura’s.  4.  The Bride dolled up.  5.  One of the dares…let me try that again – one of the completed dares.  6.  A picture Jon texted me of my little Peanut eating Orzo for lunch.  7.  Sunday night, upon my return, bath night with our little P.  I think we may have overdone it with the bubbles.  8.  Monday afternoon my company organized a volunteer effort to go clean a nearby beach.  It was a wonderful way to spend this sunny afternoon.  9.  After the beach, I didn’t want to waste the beautiful afternoon so P and I went to the playground on the way home.

10.  After the playground, Jon and his little girl.  This picture makes me smile and cry at the same time.  Sweetest moment.  11.  An amazing moment – P drinking milk at dinner from her sippy cup.  I’m so excited!  12.  She stole my apple…but since she has no teeth, she just slobbered all over it.  Gross.  13.  Playing peek-a-boo.  I love this child.  14.  Peanut’s daycare does gifts for us every year – this year’s Mother’s Day gift is this awesome plate.  (so I thought it was just cute until someone on Instagram pointed out to me that it’s her hand…awesome, mom).  15.  Peanut rubbing food into her hair…I’m not even getting into it.  I’m tired just looking at this picture.  16.  At least she’s happy?   17.  The wake a toddler leaves behind her.  19.  Peanut’s new favorite toy – well, the toy is not new, but loving it is new.

19.  Disaster.  Sigh.  Let’s move right along.  20.  Lunch!  I love avocado in my sandwich.  21.  Snack…definitely not a healthy one, but beggars can’t be choosers (and I ate whatever was around the office).  22.  I actually got up early one day this morning and ran.  23.  Right after I cleaned off my drying rack treadmill.  24.  We’re still working on not throwing food on the floor.  Or on top of the dog.  25.  Bath time shenanigans.  26.  My new shoes from TJ Maxx.  Because I might as well move in there.  27.  With daddy back, hanging out in the bathroom while P takes a bath and drinks some water (this is pretty much the only way to prevent her from chugging bath water).

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How was your week?