Week by iPhone, week 21/52

Happy Memorial Day weekend, peeps!  Hope you’re all enjoying yourselves, as well as remembering the reason behind the holiday.

Here’s what we’ve been up to.

week by iphone photo

1.  Last day in Sonoma – what I wore.  2.  My new flip flops from Target.  I seriously love that store.  (but you have to pronounce it Targeeeee).  3.  I came home Sunday to a very sick baby.  She was absolutely miserable and I couldn’t figure out how to make her feel better.  4.  We even let P watch television because it was the only thing that would calm her down.  5.  It’s crazy what baby Tylenol will do though.  P was up and playing within the hour.  6.  Roses in my garden opening up!  I love spring and summer.  7.  Target shipped me my new shoes (I ordered them online).  LOVE the free shipping and how quick they came.  Peanut loved the box.  8.  Weeknight dinner – super quick fajitas wit chick peas.  Delicious and nutritious.  9.  What I wore…in the work bathroom mirror because I forgot to take a photo at home.  Thankfully I usually et in about 30-45 minutes before anyone else, so there were no witnesses.

week by iphone photo

10.  One of the pairs of shoes that got shipped form Target.  Conveniently the Bride emailed all the Bridesmaids about the wedding shoes for June and said that nude would fit nice.  Yes, yes it would!  11.  Earrings…I rarely ever change my studs up, but love these.  12.   Our sick kid – the only thing she’s eaten in the past few days are these rice puffs.  Poor kid.  13.  We stayed home on Thursday (Jon stayed home with her on Monday, so it was my turn) after she puked and played.  14.  Friday work got out a bit early, so a few of us decided to grab a drink to celebrate.  Then I headed off to Home Depot to buy one of these raised garden beds.  And some flowers.  Then since P was still at daycare until 5, Jon and I did an insane amount of yard work.  It’s funny how motivated we were by the fact that it was the only couple of hours we’d have to get work done.  We planted the veggies, flowers, mowed the lawn, weeded.  All in about 2 hours.  That’s never happened before.  15.  While on vacation, this song played every single time that we got in the car.  It’s now “our” song…and by “our” I mean Gina’s and mine.  Now it’s stalking us – we literally hear it everywhere we go.  16.  Friday  night date night with the hubs!  I posted a nicer pic of him, but the rule is as follows – if you make faces at the camera, they end up on the internet. 17.  Saturday morning I decided to run out to tag sales to look for some lawn toys for Peanut.  Score!  A water table/sand box with a cover and an umbrella, looks almost brand new!  and 18.  A slide house!  All for $25.  That’s right.  A little bleach, a hose turned on high, and they looks new!  Peanut loves em!  I also bought myself a sawing machine, used twice, for $20.  Feeling so lucky, I called it quits and went home.  (plus the car was full).

ps- I made these with the new collage feature in PicMonkey- literally twice as easy as Lightroom and free.

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