Week by iPhone – week 26/52

This was an absolutely wonderful week, full of fun and family and friends.

Saturday was the day of the wedding!  We spent the morning at the hotel room and then I went off with the Bridal party to get ready while Jon played with P-nutty.  1.  The bride getting ready for her big day!  2.  Here she is in the limo.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  3.  (these were out of order in the beginning, sorry about that) our morning – Peanut and I spent some time looking at the gorgeous view from our window.  The New York City skyline and the Eiffel Tower.  4.  While Jon went out to get us some DD breakfast, Peanut and I entertained ourselves in the hotel room.  5.  For some reason she insisted on spending most of her time in the pack n play.  Which is pretty funny since we couldn’t get her to stay in there when she was little.  6.  Chillin in her porta-crib.  We love this thing.  7.  Daddy was back with breakfast – can you tell that Peanut is his little girl?  8.  She walked around the room the whole time carrying her blanket and teddy.  She adores them so.  9.  Dinner at the wedding was the most spectacular thing in the whole wide world.  Beef cooked to perfection and duck-fat fries at every table.  10.  If my description wasn’t enough, here is a picture of my husband licking his plate.  11.  Our work crew!!!  I love these guys so much.  12.  Hanging out after the wedding, the 2 am after party with our co-workers, the bride and the groom.

Sunday, the long drive home.  My parents were sweet enough to have Peanut over night while we partied hardy.  Jon dropped Peanut off in the evening and put her to bed there, then we woke up at 6am and headed over there to make sure we would be there when she wakes up.  1.  Peanut spending some time with her great-grandparents.  2.  The drive home at Peanut’s nap time.  As is the fashion, we got stuck in traffic, but not that bad.  3.  The new bridge went up in New Haven – the traffic didn’t change.  4.  While I was busy cleaning the puke from Peanut’s car seat, she decided to use it as a jungle gym.  5.  How is it that my baby that used to lay silently in her car seat is now climbing into it on her own.  What happened? 6.  When we got home, Jon went out to get some groceries for our bare fridge, while P and I unpacked the suitcases.  7.  She followed me room to room with her bear, a pair of shorts, and a pair of pants.  Our kid is so weird.  8.  Eating some sushki, a Russian treat that is basically like dried bagels, for the first time. Curtesy of my family.  9.  At the end of the day we were all tired, Jon decided to lay down on the couch and Peanut joined him.  These two make my heart beat.

Monday, a busy day especially since we took Friday off.  1.  Peanut, jailed.  I love her and her little pig tails.  2.  I got this jacket at Banana Republic and it’s pretty much the most awesome piece of clothing I have.  3.  After dinner, aka mashing all her food into her hair and all over herself, Peanut changed into her bathrobe before bath time.

Tuesday, just another week day.  1.  Peanut in her adorable hand-me-down outfit (most of the clothes we have are either hand-me-downs from someone or bought at a tag sale or given to us as a gift.  Not because we can’t afford it but because they are all so stinkin’ cute and we’re wicked $$ conscious).  She loves to run around with the dog.  This picture makes her look like such a big girl, it makes me want to cry.  2.  My little chicken nugget with braids and pig tailes. 3.  Ok, does any one else’s kid do this?  Peanut likes to lay down on the floor and pretend to take a nap.  Like, all the time.

Wednesday, a lunch date with the hubby and a hot day.  1.  Peanut’s new favorite thing to do is to put all her toys and the dog down for a nap.  She covers them with a blanket and then pets them and then does it all over again.  2.  2 french braids – her hair is getting so long.  3.  Lunch date at the Chowder pot with my hottie hubby.  4.  After work we spent some time on the porch playing with the sandbox and water table – best buy ever.  5.  Peanut likes to get her hands dirty and then ask me to wipe them.  Over and over again.  SO funny.  6.  She also got her feet sandy.  Funny nugget.

Thursday, the day Jon’s family got to visit!  1.  The best french braid to date.  It’s sometimes rather tricky to do Peanut’s hair since she’s a wiggly little toddler – I did this one while she was having her morning “bottle.”  2.  My outfit for the day – business casual.  3.  I swear our bath toys are breeding together like rabbits.  Her favorite activity is to throw them out of the tub.

Friday, the start to our 5 day weekend!  1.  After picking Peanut up, we headed straight for the basement where it was cooler than the 90 degree temperature upstairs.  We have a ball that Steve gave her for Christmas and it lights up when it’s bounced.  She loved seeing all the colors in her little tent.  2.  After she was tired of that ball, she decided to play a new game where she would kick and throw all the balls under the TV stand then stand there and ask me to get them for her.  Plus?  She’s learning to say “help” “more” and “up.”  3.  After dinner TV time.  Angelina Ballerina is still a favorite in this house and Peanut dances during the opening song every time.  4.  The only lasts about 2 minutes and then she’s bored with the TV and off to climb the couch and bug the poor dog.  5.  Spending the evening out on the swing.  We are SOOOOOO thankful to our neighbors who gave this to us.  What an amazing gift – each evening Peanut points to the door and runs to the swing set for a couple of minutes in it.  6.  I love the summer and her running around barefoot.  Best thing ever.


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Friday randomness

Last night Peanut’s grandpa (Jon’s dad) and grandma Bonnie (Jon’s stepmom) came by for a quick visit.  They live in Florida so we don’t get to see them a lot and we were all so excited!  Peanut didn’t take too long to warm up and we enjoyed watching her run around and play with her grandparents.  It’s so much fun to see her interacting with her family since we don’t get to be with them all that often.

This weekend is a 5-day weekend for us!  Jon and I took Monday and Tuesday off from work to drive up to the Cape to chill with his sister and her husband.  Jon’s brother Michael and his girlfriend Emily will be there and their mom and Steve are joining us as well, which means that Peanut gets to hang out with some more family!    If you’re counting, that means that she will have seen every one of her grandparents in a span of a week and a half – something that pretty much hasn’t happened since she was born.  This makes my heart happy.

I know that there are people who have families that live much farther away, but even the 2 hour drives can become a pretty big barrier from seeing everyone.  After spending so much time with family, I get really down that we don’t live close to any one of them.  The free baby sitters, the extra support system, the closeness – I wish we had it all.  But I guess I just gotta keep reminding myself that it could be worse and that at least we’re 2 hours from most of them.  Plus it’s not a bad deal to go to Florida at least once a year.

On a slightly less sad, but not really upbeat note – my chore list for this 5 day weekend is getting out of control.  Between the weeding (which hasn’t been done since the spring), the deep cleaning (which also hasn’t really been done since spring, ew), the porch that needs to be stained, the tub that needs to be re-calked and sealed, the walkway that needs to be repaved, the closets that need to be cleaned out, the piles of cans that need to be returned…I think I might have an anxiety attack just thinking about all these chores and the lack of time to do them.  Instead, I think I’ll just concentrate on the super fun couple of days that we’ll get to spend with our family.  And clean/weed/whatever some other time.  After all, it’ll all still be there tomorrow.  And the day after that.  And the day after that.  Le sigh.

Time to change topics completely before I end up in a fetal position on my couch - my reading list is getting wicked long too.  I need to download some books to my Nook and get going.  Here’s what’s on the list right now: Bringing up bebe, 50 Shades of Grey (hey, everyone else is doing it…), Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I’ve Got your number (beach reads are totally acceptable even if you’re not at the beach).  Add to that a couple of potty training books and I think I have enough to last me at least the rest of this year, if not more since I basically don’t leave myself any time to read.  I’m also terrified of getting into another trilogy or series because I don’t ever want to stop reading (I’ve been known to pull an all-nighter or two).

I also have a list of movies that I want to see that’s about a mile long and the chances of me seeing any of them are pretty slim.  I won’t even bother depressing myself by listing them all out.  Let’s just say we need some family to drop their lives and move close to us so we can start going out more often.

Peanut’s weigh in is this afternoon – the goal was to reach about 19 lbs, which is a gain of one pound in one month for P.  Last we weighed her (yesterday) she was hovering around 18.8 so I’m crossing my fingers that we reached the goal.  Considering the fact that last night she ate almost a full slice of a small pizza, a Happy Tot pack, and then nibbled on my crust, I think we’re headed in the right direction.  The full can a day of Pediasure helps a lot too.

Do you have any plans for the 4th of July?  Does your family live near by?  If yes, is that like the greatest thing ever?