Week by iPhone – week 26/52

This was an absolutely wonderful week, full of fun and family and friends. Saturday was the day of the wedding!  We spent the morning at the hotel room and then I went off with the Bridal party to get ready while Jon played with P-nutty.  1.  The bride getting ready for her big day!  2.  Here she is in the limo.  Isn't she gorgeous?  3.  (these were out of order in the beginning, sorry about that) our morning - Peanut and I spent some time looking at the gorgeous view from our window.  The New York City skyline and the Eiffel Tower.  4.  While Jon went out to get us some DD breakfast, Peanut and I entertained ourselves in the hotel room.  5.  For some reason she insisted on spending most of her time in the pack n play.  Which is pretty funny since we couldn't get her to stay in there when she was little.  6.  Chillin in her porta-crib.  We love this thing.  7.  Daddy was back with breakfast - can you tell that Peanut is his little girl?  8.  She walked around the room the whole time carrying her blanket and teddy.  She adores them so.  9.  Dinner at the wedding was the most spectacular thing in the whole wide world.  Beef cooked to perfection and duck-fat fries at every table.  10.  If my description wasn't enough, here is a picture of my husband licking his plate.  11.  Our work crew!!!  I love these guys so much.  12.  Hanging out after the wedding, the 2 am after party with our co-workers, the bride and the groom. Sunday, the long drive home.  My parents were … [Read more...]

Friday randomness

Last night Peanut's grandpa (Jon's dad) and grandma Bonnie (Jon's stepmom) came by for a quick visit.  They live in Florida so we don't get to see them a lot and we were all so excited!  Peanut didn't take too long to warm up and we enjoyed watching her run around and play with her grandparents.  It's so much fun to see her interacting with her family since we don't get to be with them all that often. This weekend is a 5-day weekend for us!  Jon and I took Monday and Tuesday off from work to drive up to the Cape to chill with his sister and her husband.  Jon's brother Michael and his girlfriend Emily will be there and their mom and Steve are joining us as well, which means that Peanut gets to hang out with some more family!    If you're counting, that means that she will have seen every one of her grandparents in a span of a week and a half - something that pretty much hasn't happened since she was born.  This makes my heart happy. I know that there are people who have families that live much farther away, but even the 2 hour drives can become a pretty big barrier from seeing everyone.  After spending so much time with family, I get really down that we don't live close to any one of them.  The free baby sitters, the extra support system, the closeness - I wish we had it all.  But I guess I just gotta keep reminding myself that it could be worse and that at least we're 2 hours from most of them.  Plus it's not a bad deal to go to Florida at least once a … [Read more...]

6 favorite toddler-friendly recipes

I don't know about you peeps, but I cook about 80% of my meals using my iPhone or my computer.  Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the feel and touch of a cook book and I trust the recipes, but when time calls for something new, something tried, and something exciting, I always end up on one of three sites: Pinterest, Foodgawker, or Healthy Aperture. Today I wanted to share with you my top 10 toddler-friendly recipes that I've tried and loved. I must tell you that these aren't strictly toddler recipes since in our house our toddler eats, for the most part, what we eat.  (I guess I should probably retitle this "family-friendly" but the title is all the way up there...).  So here we go. (all photo credit goes to the creators of the recipes as listed below). 1.  This one is via Pinterest, but the link says it's spam. So here is the recipe: COOK CHICKEN IN THE CROCKPOT MIXED WITH ONE 1OZ PACKET OF RANCH SEASONING MIX AND ONE 1OZ PACKET OF TACO SEASONING WITH ONE CAN OF CHICKEN BROTH AND COOKED ON LOW FOR 3 HOURS. SHRED CHICKEN AND SERVE WITH TOPPINGS. 2.  Halibut Cakes (I made these with other fish, but they taste amazing!) via Pinterest. 3.  Lo Mein via RasaMalaysia.  I make a slightly adjusted version that I think is a little more toddler-friendly with peas, shredded carrots, chicken, scallions and light-sodium soy sauce, or whatever happens to be around the kitchen.  I don't think you can really go wrong with lo mein. 4.  Asparagus, Spinach, and … [Read more...]

WW – a weekend with the family

This weekend we had a wedding in New Jersey (more on that later!) and in order for both of us to enjoy the evening, we dropped P off at my folks' house for bedtime, then spent Sunday with them. It was an absolutely wonderful, gorgeous day spent with family. Peanut is finally starting to let up on the stranger anxiety and interact with people that she doesn't see every single day.  She loved playing in my parents' gorgeous fenced in yard and chasing the dog around. A wonderful treat was also seeing my grand parents, Peanut's great-grandparents, who moved from Russia to NY a couple of years ago.  It's so amazing to see them spending time with our little girl. And it doesn't hurt that my mom and dad cook and take care of the kid while Jon and I are spoiled rotten. Linking up with Kent Weakley,  the Naptime momtag,  Project Alicia, Parenting by dummies,Our Footprints on the World. And entering this one for the "Summer" photo Challenge at The Paper Mama. If you're joining per the Commenting Challenge, here's where you can find me: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Google + Feedburner Email Subscribe I am a social media (or technology in general) junkie, if you can't tell! … [Read more...]

3rd annual Commenting Challenge – welcome!

I am so excited that the 3rd annual commenting challenge, brought to you by Jenna at Jenna's Journey, is here!  I absolutely loved participating last year (omg it's been a whole year!) and am looking forward to this one as well. Last year I found a ton of blogs through the commenting challenge and many of them I still follow today!  If you're interested in participating, just hop on over to Jenna's Journey and add your link!  The rules are pretty simple and a TON of fun! Now, here we go.  A little more about me and this here blog. I'm Kat, a 28-year old (very soon to be 29-year old) wife, mom, doggy-owner, full-time employee, craft-lover, cook, photographer, poop-cleaner.  I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia until the awkward age of 12 at which point we moved to the US.  I spent most of my teenage years living in Massachusetts and even attended college there.  I met my husband, Jon, in college, fell in love with him after we moved in together as platonic friends, and married him back in 2007 (we'll be celebrating our 5 year anniversary next month!).  We bought our first (fixer-up) home on the Shoreline in CT about a month before our wedding (omg, do not do that to yourself!) and have been living there (and making non-stop improvements to the housework that never ends) since. In the winter of 2011 we welcomed a little Peanut into our lives and have been stumbling learning how to be parents ever since.  Peanut's real name is Addison, but we mostly call her … [Read more...]