3rd annual Commenting Challenge – welcome!

I am so excited that the 3rd annual commenting challenge, brought to you by Jenna at Jenna’s Journey, is here!  I absolutely loved participating last year (omg it’s been a whole year!) and am looking forward to this one as well.

Last year I found a ton of blogs through the commenting challenge and many of them I still follow today!  If you’re interested in participating, just hop on over to Jenna’s Journey and add your link!  The rules are pretty simple and a TON of fun!

Now, here we go.  A little more about me and this here blog.

the Kings

I’m Kat, a 28-year old (very soon to be 29-year old) wife, mom, doggy-owner, full-time employee, craft-lover, cook, photographer, poop-cleaner.  I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia until the awkward age of 12 at which point we moved to the US.  I spent most of my teenage years living in Massachusetts and even attended college there.  I met my husband, Jon, in college, fell in love with him after we moved in together as platonic friends, and married him back in 2007 (we’ll be celebrating our 5 year anniversary next month!).  We bought our first (fixer-up) home on the Shoreline in CT about a month before our wedding (omg, do not do that to yourself!) and have been living there (and making non-stop improvements to the housework that never ends) since.

In the winter of 2011 we welcomed a little Peanut into our lives and have been stumbling learning how to be parents ever since.  Peanut’s real name is Addison, but we mostly call her P, P-nizzle, peanut-butter, nugget, pie, or Addi-pie (yes, our kid will probably have an identity issue when she’s old enough to understand that not all kids have 5 million names).


In addition to our super cute Peanut, our household is occupied by a very patient, pillow-humping, farting 15 pound yorkie that goes by the name of Travis.  Travis has been spending the past year and half adjusting to being knocked down from the “baby of the family” spot and learning how to run away from the now-walking toddler that  finds nothing in the world as amusing as bothering the dog.

You can read more about us on the Meet the Kings page.

I’m pretty random, very hyper, and an obsessive photo-taker which is pretty much what I do on this blog.  I post recipes (especially super easy ones that you can do while balancing a toddler on your hip), lessons from the full-time working parenting gig I now call my life, crafts, techy bloggy tips, and other daily happenings.

So, welcome, take off your coat, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the commenting challenge.  Here are some posts to get you startedL

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