Banana oat muffins and things I just don’t get

Last weekend I baked these.

banana oat muffins

Considering how impossible it is for me to follow any kind of directions when it comes to cooking, I don’t dare alter a thing when I’m baking.  The whole idea that it’s chemistry scares me.

Which brings me to a list of things that I just don’t get.

What is it about baking?  How does one pinch of salt affect how the flour and sugar interact?  Even simple things like not warming the butter to the right temperature can really alter the cookies that I’ve nearly perfected?

Along with that, on my things-I-don’t-get list, why does my husband insist on washing his golf clubs right before going out to play in the dirt?


And why does our Wii remote require a change of batteries almost monthly while it gets used maybe 1-2 times a week while our cable remote has had the same batteries since 2009.

Lastly, how is it that a 15 pound yorkshire terrier can clear the room with one fart faster than pretty much anything else I’ve ever seen.  Not only does he hold his farts in until he is snuggled up tight right next to you, but he runs away when he realizes how much he stinks.

What I do get is that healthy things can taste great too.  Like these.

banana oat muffins

What’s on your things-I-just-don’t-get list?

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