Brain dump Friday

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Although it was technically a short week since we had Monday off, it felt super long!  Jon was traveling all week until last night (you don’t even want to hear the traveling disaster that he had to deal with – cancelled flights, delayed flights, missed connections, delayed flights again…both directions) and I was left to fend for myself.  I actually don’t mind being home alone too much now that I’ve got a routine going, but this week brought on some additional challenges (something got into the trash and I had to spend one morning cleaning before even starting my day, the dog rolled in poop, Addi had a follow up doctor appointment).  Needless to say, I’m happy it’s Friday, the hubs is back, and the weekend is almost here.

daddy and baby

Speaking of our doctor’s follow up, the little Peanut isn’t gaining weight the way she should be.  Her excuse this week is the stomach bug, so we’re all letting it slide and gearing up for this month.  The goal is a 1 pound weight gain.  Apparently not an easy one for this little toddler.  (Side note here: don’t you wish that was the case in your adult life?)  I must say though that her appetite is slowly returning and I got some more tips from our pediatrician, so I’m ready! Bring it on, June!

I mentioned that Peanut is growing at the speed of light and seems to develop a new skill a day.  This week she learned to sign “please” especially when she wants something or wants help with something and how to say “my shoe.”  It’s incredible how quickly things change from day to day.  Her babbling resembles our speech more and more every day and you can tell that she’s really set on being understood.  Last night at dinner, she pointed to something on my plate, babbling something about “shhtt” and “da shhh.”  I picked up an apple and said, “Addi, did you want an apple?”  She shoot her head, then pointed to something else and signed “please.”  To some of you this might be silly, but to us it’s a huge milestone.

The one thing I can definitely live without is the attitude.  Boy, are we in for a world of trouble.  That’s all I’ll say about it now.

This week I learned about the Google Reader “next” and “Add to Google Reader” buttons that you can install in your browser.  If you haven’t heard about them, you have to check them out!  Log in to your reader, click Settings at top right and choose Reader Settings.  Look for the Goodies tab.  (and thank Gina for showing that to me).

One of my best friends is getting married in less than a month and I’m the Mattron of Honor.  Which means I have to give a speech (breathing into a brown paper bag).  Should I go easy on her?  Be gentle?  Her grandparents and parents will be there.   Or do I lay it all out on the line and hope she’s blushing redder than a lobster by the end of it?  Do I go for funny or a tear-fall?  (Laura, if you’re reading this, what I meant is that I already have it totally written and I…uh….am looking for feedback.)

I’m thinking about organizing another CT Blogger meet up – any interest?  You don’t have to be from CT as long as you’re willing to travel.  You also don’t have to have a blog, if you just wanna hang out.

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