Friday randomness

Last night Peanut’s grandpa (Jon’s dad) and grandma Bonnie (Jon’s stepmom) came by for a quick visit.  They live in Florida so we don’t get to see them a lot and we were all so excited!  Peanut didn’t take too long to warm up and we enjoyed watching her run around and play with her grandparents.  It’s so much fun to see her interacting with her family since we don’t get to be with them all that often.

This weekend is a 5-day weekend for us!  Jon and I took Monday and Tuesday off from work to drive up to the Cape to chill with his sister and her husband.  Jon’s brother Michael and his girlfriend Emily will be there and their mom and Steve are joining us as well, which means that Peanut gets to hang out with some more family!    If you’re counting, that means that she will have seen every one of her grandparents in a span of a week and a half – something that pretty much hasn’t happened since she was born.  This makes my heart happy.

I know that there are people who have families that live much farther away, but even the 2 hour drives can become a pretty big barrier from seeing everyone.  After spending so much time with family, I get really down that we don’t live close to any one of them.  The free baby sitters, the extra support system, the closeness – I wish we had it all.  But I guess I just gotta keep reminding myself that it could be worse and that at least we’re 2 hours from most of them.  Plus it’s not a bad deal to go to Florida at least once a year.

On a slightly less sad, but not really upbeat note – my chore list for this 5 day weekend is getting out of control.  Between the weeding (which hasn’t been done since the spring), the deep cleaning (which also hasn’t really been done since spring, ew), the porch that needs to be stained, the tub that needs to be re-calked and sealed, the walkway that needs to be repaved, the closets that need to be cleaned out, the piles of cans that need to be returned…I think I might have an anxiety attack just thinking about all these chores and the lack of time to do them.  Instead, I think I’ll just concentrate on the super fun couple of days that we’ll get to spend with our family.  And clean/weed/whatever some other time.  After all, it’ll all still be there tomorrow.  And the day after that.  And the day after that.  Le sigh.

Time to change topics completely before I end up in a fetal position on my couch - my reading list is getting wicked long too.  I need to download some books to my Nook and get going.  Here’s what’s on the list right now: Bringing up bebe, 50 Shades of Grey (hey, everyone else is doing it…), Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I’ve Got your number (beach reads are totally acceptable even if you’re not at the beach).  Add to that a couple of potty training books and I think I have enough to last me at least the rest of this year, if not more since I basically don’t leave myself any time to read.  I’m also terrified of getting into another trilogy or series because I don’t ever want to stop reading (I’ve been known to pull an all-nighter or two).

I also have a list of movies that I want to see that’s about a mile long and the chances of me seeing any of them are pretty slim.  I won’t even bother depressing myself by listing them all out.  Let’s just say we need some family to drop their lives and move close to us so we can start going out more often.

Peanut’s weigh in is this afternoon – the goal was to reach about 19 lbs, which is a gain of one pound in one month for P.  Last we weighed her (yesterday) she was hovering around 18.8 so I’m crossing my fingers that we reached the goal.  Considering the fact that last night she ate almost a full slice of a small pizza, a Happy Tot pack, and then nibbled on my crust, I think we’re headed in the right direction.  The full can a day of Pediasure helps a lot too.

Do you have any plans for the 4th of July?  Does your family live near by?  If yes, is that like the greatest thing ever?


  1. When you say “Cape” what do you mean? Cape Cod?

    When I looked at the scribbles on my mirror {because I don’t have my calendar anymore} and realized that we practically had no plans this weekend, I decided to potty train Zoe. I think I might be crazy.

  2. The worst part of the most recent potential job falling through was that my parents were looking at moving here (like, literally went out house-hunting with a real estate agent) and now won’t b/c they “don’t know if we’ll end up moving”. I really wish we had family around.

  3. I’ve Got Your Number was cute, enjoy! Most of my family lives in state, with the exception of an aunt & uncle & a couple cousins in FL. DH & I live about an hour in either direction from our parents, which is kind of nice, close enough for the occational visit but far enough away that they arent’ constantly at our house. This weekend is my friend’s annual jello shot party, super excited for Saturday night. Actual 4th of July I don’t know what we have planned.

    Have fun at the Cape!

  4. These are so fun! love her hair!

  5. Forget the “to do” list and enjoy your break!!

    And your post made me so grateful to be near family :)

  6. Another book to add to your list is On The Island by Tracy Garvis-Graves. It’s a good one.

    How about you send P to Carrie’s house and I’l spoil her rotten while you clean. :)

  7. My family all lives within 30 miles with the inlaw 4 miles to the west of us. I love having them so close. My sister is out here most weekends and I can see all three sets of parents anytime.

  8. I really want to live near my family, but I think someone would die if we lived near his. His mom seems to think my baby is actually her baby. I’m sure you can’t tell that this has been driving me crazy. Anyways, the weight gain thing is tough. We are constantly obsessing over C’s weight and feeding her extra calorie supplements. I was crushed that she hadn’t broken 9 pounds when I weighed her yesterday (she’s not even close).

    • I hope she starts gaining soon. Our situation doesn’t even come close to yours, so I can’t pretend to know what I’m saying but know that I’m thinking about you and your little nugget.

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