A day at the beach

If you’re wondering if that’s a baby bump under that bathing suit, the answer is yes! My sister-in-law is pregnant! Jon and I are so excited that we can barely contain ourselves. ¬†Our first niece or nephew is due in January (just a week before Peanut’s due date!).


  1. First off, those pictures are GORGEOUS! And I am so excited for your sister in law and y’all as you become aunt and uncle!!! It will be so much fun for P. to have a cousin to play with!!

  2. Very exciting for your family!! Congrats!! January 15th is the best day!!! Just saying!

    The picture of Peanut sticking her toe in the sand….so freaking cute! I want to go to the beach!

  3. Congrats on the new cousin! And the first photo is beautiful: I love the color of the water.

  4. These pictures make me so excited to go the beach in September! Too bad I won’t be as little and cute as your sister in law by then :)

  5. Yay for a niece or nephew! And? We should totally have a beach playdate sometime.

  6. Growing up I spent everyday at the beach. The best memories! There is nothing quite like sand between your toes!

  7. How exciting! She looks great! Congratulations!

  8. At first I thought that was YOU and that YOU were preggers! Ha!

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