Apple sauce and blueberry whole wheat muffins

It was about 100 degrees in our house on Saturday, but I decided that it would still be a wicked good idea to use the day as the “cooking” day.  Smart?  Not so much.  But considering the fact that it will probably be just as hot the rest of the weekend, it was pretty much a lose-lose situation, plus it’s all behind me now.

The whole idea is that I spend about 2-3 hours once a week cooking up a storm, prepping as many things as possibly and freezing a ton of food in order to avoid cooking (or rather going out) too much during the week.

Plus, we have these beauties in return.

apple sauce and blueberry whole wheat muffin

I think that we all know that I am constantly on the look out for some creative ways to feed the toddler while still keeping it healthy.  These are absolutely perfect.

apple sauce and blueberry whole wheat muffins

The toddler gobbled them up, just as we suspected.  The husband did too, but that’s really no surprise either since the sweets in our house hold are pretty limited.

apple sauce and blueberry whole wheat muffins

The recipe is from All Recipes and the only difference that I made is add a little vanilla extract.  I think it gives it just a little more flavor.



  1. Yum! I wanted blueberry muffins this weekend too. Instead I think Jordan convinced me to make blueberry cake instead. I plan on heating up the apartment this afternoon and then going to the movies. Hopefully the heat will disappear before we get back.

  2. So, do you have no air conditioning in your house?? You are such a trooper! I am trying to get better with the baking and cooking, but it is so hot here I want nothing but cold things to eat!

  3. I love that you are so efficient in the kitchen. I need to take some tips from you! Also, I think Sam would devour these muffins. Thanks for sharing!


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