Dear husband,

I cannot believe that it’s been 5 years since that wonderful day when you said “I do” long before you were supposed to and everyone in Church laughed at your slip up.  I’ve never seen you turn so red – it was the cutest and sweetest moment that I will never forget because you were so eager to be married to me that you couldn’t wait (even if the whole ceremony did take only 10 minutes).

I’ll never forget how hot that day was and how our Church’s air conditioning and fans broke on the day of our wedding.  Between the heat and the rain, you would think that our wedding day would have been ruined, but somehow it all came together just perfect.  The rain stopped and the sun appeared out of nowhere at the most perfect times and we were able to spend time outside for the receiving line and our pictures.  It’s as if things were just meant to be perfect for us, regardless of what mr. weather had in mind.

I’ll never forget how amazing it was to stand there, hand in hand, in front of all the people we love, and promise to be with one another for the rest of our lives.  Regardless of how many people were in the room, I couldn’t see past your deep brown eyes.  Sure, we were young and we didn’t know each other long, but we knew that we were meant to be and that’s all that mattered (that, and the fact that we survived living together for over a year – that’s no easy feat considering we had to share the remote).

I remember the fun ride in the limo, the one that smelled like puke from an obvious bachelor or bachelorette party the night before, from the ceremony to the reception hall.  Those minutes spent with our best friends, laughing about the day and exclaiming how perfect everything was.  The girls had champagne and their skirts hiked up past the knee because it was so hot in that limo while the boys cracked their cold beers.  It was one of my favorite moments.

I remember walking out into the crowd in the reception hall, holding your hand, and being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. King.  It was the first time I heard my new last name out loud and it felt wonderful.  We started the evening off with our first dance as man and wife to Lost In This Moment by Big & Rich.  A song that we decided on last minute after your work trip with Janice.  To this day I can never remember the name of the darn song and have to keep asking you (and Janice) – I guess that’s what I get to agreeing to a country song in the first place.

I remember the evening, full of dancing and drinking.  By 10pm all the “adults” cleared out and we were left with our friends and family to celebrate in the best style we knew how: a huge party.  The DJ was amazing and we spent the evening dancing, laughing, and causing trouble.  For a bunch of 24-year olds, this was the greatest party we’ve ever thrown.

Since that wonderful day, we’ve been through a lot together, both good, great, and not so great.  In the 5 years together we’ve bought a house and made it a home, acquired 3 dogs and lost 2 of them, spent a couple of days at the hospital when you broke your neck and survived the months that followed.  We’ve been on endless trips and vacations by car, train, and air plane.  We’ve attended numerous weddings and even a couple of baby events.  We’ve experienced a healthy pregnancy and the birth of our first child.  And through it all we’ve stood by each other’s side (sure, some of those times it felt more like a battle than a support system, but hey, marriages aren’t all roses and rainbows – there are a ton of thorns and rainfalls too) and came out the other end stronger than before.

And after all the farts, burps, and arguments, I still can’t wait to spend eternity with you by my side.