Grilled pizza

I’m sure that this is nothing new to many of you, but oh my gosh, grilled pizza is like the most delicious, amazing thing ever.

It’s been a cool 96 degrees around here and after making the apple sauce meatballs and muffins, I had enough of heat from the oven.

grilled pizza

Jon and I have heard of grilled pizza a ton of times and have been saying for over 2 years that we were going to give it a go.  But for one reason or another, we didn’t until now.  I’d like to go back to 2 years ago and kick my butt for waiting this long – it was everything I thought it would be and then some.  The crust was super thin and crunchy with that brick-oven taste to it.

It even took less time to make than the oven and my hot remain cool (well, relatively considering we don’t have central air).

If you haven’t tried it, here are some quick notes on how to do it:

  • Prep the crust and the toppings ahead of time and warm up the grill
  • Put a little corn meal on the crust for the extra crunch
  • Brush the grill with a little olive oil
  • Put the crust on the super hot grill and close the lid.  Cook for about 2 minutes or until the bottom is slightly brown and the top is bubbling
  • Turn the crust over and put the toppings on the “brown” part.  Keep the tomato sauce and the toppings light, otherwise the crust will get all soggy
  • Put the pizza back in on the grill for another 3 or so minutes, keeping the lid closed

grilled pizza

For ours, we included the whole wheat crust from Stop n Shop, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni.  For Peanut and me, I added some pan-fried spinach in garlic and olive oil.

Needless to say, we’ll be making a lot more of these!  It’s a great, quick week day meal and tastes even better than most pizzas that we buy.



  1. I still have yet to try the pizza on the grill thing! It scares me. I feel like the dough is going to seep through the slats when I put it on and then I’ll cry.

  2. We made homemade pizza last night, but we don’t have a grill yet, so we can’t grill! I’m definitely looking forward to when we do get a grill and can’t make pizza on it! This looks so tasty!

  3. I make pizza all them time. I love playing with flavor combinations. Recently to save time I have been using Naan or various whole wheat flatbreads for the crust. Very yummy. If you like thin and crispy I just found a new bread, Lavash made with flax seed and whole wheat. Loved it.

  4. Oh my…those look delish and sound like something I could totally do on the grill by myself;) (the hubs usually doesn’t let me play on the grill unsupervised) I am totally going to try these out – thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. We do grilled pizza all the time! It’s definitely a summer staple for us. We had some last night… Marinara sauce with some balsamic vinegar mixed in, caramelized red onions, fresh mozzarella and thinly sliced steak. Sooooo yummy!!

  6. Ummm..YUM! We just got a grill, I need to do this. Like, today.

  7. We just started grilling pizza this summer. We love it. Will be doing this often while we can.

  8. Is the crust from a grocery store? I can’t find prepped crust these days! I will have to try one of the pizza joints. Our grocery wouldn’t sell their stuff. Or was it just from a can?

  9. This sounds ah-mazing! Our new grill arrives on Friday and I will have to try this!!

    i see you’re attending the BlogHer ’12 conference this year! I’ll be attending for the first time ever and I”m so excited! I so hope we can meet there!

  10. That pizza looks delicious!

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