This, that and the other thing

  1. Tomorrow is Jon and my 5 year anniversary.  Tonight we’re packing up the kid, a few essentials and heading off to New Hampshire for a couple of days.  There is no agenda except dilly dallying through the cute little towns, popping into stores, and enjoying afternoons by the pool.  We haven’t gone on a little weekend getaway in a little while and are really excited to share this one with our little Peanut.  If you’re interested in checking out previous anniversary posts, here are a couple:  How I became the Queen, Anniversary post
  2. BlogHer is only a week away!  To date I’ve ordered my business cards from Moo, figured out the train schedule, and even set up a tentative schedule of the events and sessions that I plan to attend.  On the to do list is: buy clothes, buy shoes, pack, breath into brown paper back so I don’t pass out from excitement and anxiety.  If you’re attending BlogHer, let me know so we can meet!  
  3. BlogHer would not be possible without these wonderful folks who supported my purchase of the ticket!  A very very huge thank you to Going Small TownGrace @ Opinionation, FauxFoodieGirl, and Melissa.
  4. This past weekend was spent with two of my BFFs and their amazing families.

How adorable do they look?  Inna & Michael, also known as Peanut’s God Parents, are expecting a little baby girl of their own any minute now.  I love this picture of the four of them because this will be their life in a very short time!

My wonderful friends Kerry and Brian hosted.  Brian made ridiculously amazing ribs and shredded pork in his smoker and I”m still licking my chomps.  Between that, Kerry’s mac and cheese, Inna’s pasta salad, and all the other delicious food at their house, I have no idea how I still fit into my clothes.

          5.  And lastly, I decided to add a little guest content to the site – if you have any pregnancy, baby, toddler, or kid related posts, I’d love to have you guest post!  I really want to increase the content available to the readers of this site and think your experiences, opinions, and other tips are the way to go!  Just hop over to the Submit a post page and read a little more about Ze Rules and submit your posts.  Each guest post will be accompanied by a short bio with a picture, description, and back links to your blog and any social media that you would like to include.  If you have any questions or other ideas for content, shoot me an email at

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