The last sponsor shoutout

Well, peeps, as promised, this is going to be my last Sponsor post!  Let's make the best of it, shall we? Please stop by and give these wonderful, supportive bloggers some love. Jenna is one of my favorite bloggers, a mom to 2 beautiful baby boys and embarking on their first adoption adventure.  She blogs about everything from her adorable boys, to life, to fashion, to delicious recipes. Here are some of my favorite posts from this month: White Chicken Chili, a lighter version of the one served in restaurants, this chili sounds amazing and healthy too! Nutella Banana Bread.  Seriously, 'nough said. Do's and Don't of Craigslist, like DO take good pictures and DON'T let people take a nap on your couch while you take a photo to add to your posting. Where you can find Jenna's Journey: Blog :: Twitter :: Pinterest :: Foodgawker Sarah is an incredibly talented photographer and a super awesome mom!  She hosts a number of link up's and a ton of Giveaways!  In fact, if you rush there now, you may still catch my wine charms as part of her August Sponsor giveaway. Here are some of my favorite posts from this month: Want to learn how to Watermark and why? Check out this Tuesday Tutorial. If you're looking for a cute, fun printable for a Fall Bucket list, look no further! And while you're there, check out the super adorable tumbling Dustyn. Where you can find The Naptime … [Read more...]

WW – newborn photography

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting my bestie's beautiful, amazing, baby-smelling little 2 week old baby girl.  And not only did I get to meet her, but I got to photograph her.  So precious. So peaceful.  So beautiful.  I'm completely in love!   Linking up with The Paper Mama, Parenting by Dummies, Project Alicia,  The Naptime Momtag, And then she snapped. … [Read more...]

Bagel pizza

I have a confession to make: I love pizza. And not just plain ol' pizza, but "pizza" anything - pizza English muffins, pizza bagels, pizza wraps.  But what's not to love about delicious bread, hearty tomato sauce, tons of cheese, and a topping of your choice? In fact, I think pizza gets a bad rep sometimes.  It's really all about your choice of toppings, if you ask me.  And I'm a veggie, spinach and egg kinda person. (I'm also a meat-lover-load-my-pizza-with-hamburger-pepperoni-sausage kinda person, but that's neither here nor there). These little heavenly bites provide you with everything you need - flavor, grains, iron, protein, veggie servings.  You name it, it's got it. The best part is that they take about 10 minutes, total.  Just toast the bagel for 5 minutes, place it on some tin foil, add some pasta sauce, cheese and a toping of your choice.  For me, it's spinach that's been seared with some garlic for a minute or two, topped with an egg and cooked in the same toaster oven while the bagel bakes.  Combine them all and enjoy! What are your favorite pizza toppings? … [Read more...]

Peanut, 19 months

This month was the first month that when the 22nd rolled around, Jon and I almost forgot that Peanut turned 19 months.  I guess the novelty of counting months is starting to wear off.  Next thing I know, she'll be 15 and I'll be sobbing in the corner. Peanut is still a cautious little tot, observing the world around her.  She's a little perfectionist - only speaking a word when she knows that she's going to say it right, taking careful steps around any toy on the ground so she won't trip.  While other toddlers in her class are running around, bumping into one another, blabbering up a storm, Peanut looks around the room, spots the toy she wants to play with and carefully, but deliberately heads over to it, making sure to side-step any babies that are playing on the ground and avoid running into another tot.  It's a hilarious scene to watch. This month is also the first month that Peanut is not on a weight-watch list!  After gaining a pound each month for two consecutive months, the pediatrician was happy, we were happy, and P was finally fitting into a 12 month old's clothes.  Another month passed by since our last weigh-in and she's actually starting to wear some 18 month old outfits (ok, the pants are still 9 months, but small steps, people). New this month are Peanut's increasing communication skills.  Although she didn't add a ton of words (this month she started saying bow, boo-boo, and peeka) (peeka is really whispered - not sure why, but that's what she … [Read more...]

Week by iPhone, week 34/52

Changing things up a bit ;) cuz that's what I do. Our little opinionated toddler. We love her so. The wonderful bond between a baby girl and her daddy, over ice cream. Figures that on Sunday we stumbled upon a wonderful Beatles cover band when it was the last concert of the summer.  Maybe next year. Always the doggies. Always. Monkey butt - a tired little tot and her mama. A stowaway in our bed - Peanut loves her "babies" so much but she doesn't bring them to bed. Ever. She's getting pretty good with that spoon, but her yogurt leaves horrible stains so I wrangled the tot into a bib. She sure showed me, though. I decided to add "headbands" to my handmade collections.  Post another day. Along with putting her babies to bed, she also puts me to bed.  At 6pm. Happy week, peeps. … [Read more...]