Toddler favorite toys, 18 months

To be honest with you, I think our kid prefers to spend most of her time playing with Tupperware, necklaces, and rocks, but when she’s not entertaining herself with those things, these are the toys that she adores.

(just an fyi, I am not paid to do this post, nor do I make anything from the links…it’s just the best way I can figure out to show you these toys)

toddler favorite toys, 18 months

1.  Little Mommy Baby Doll – omg does our kid love her “baby.”  Every morning she wakes up and asks us, “baby”?  Every day when we pick her up from daycare, her baby has to wait for her in the car.  She loves cuddling her baby, feeding her the bottle, and tucking her in with a blanky.

2.  Melissa & Doug blocks – sure, sometimes she likes to stack the blocks, but mostly Jon and I end up trying to build our towers as quickly as we can before Addi-zilla runs over and knocks them down, all the while doing a little evil laugh gig.

3.  Laugh & Learn kitchen – Peanut adores her little kitchen.  Most times she prefers to press all the buttons or sort the food through the correct shapes.  Lately she’s been spending her time “cooking” me meals and then feeding me.  Cutest. game. ever.

4.  Vaccuum – we don’t actually have one of these, but they do at daycare and it is Peanut’s favorite.  She and her bff Ryan fight over which vacuum they get to push around and this is the one that causes the most tears.

5.  The Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down – careful, the song gets stuck in your head for at least 2-3 days, but the kid adores it.  She loves it when they fall down, spin, or get a ride in the little Weeble car.

6.  Baby laptop – We bought this back when Peanut was about 10 months old but she didn’t really “get” it until recently.  Now she loves to press the buttons, open and close it, and dance to the songs.

7.  Melissa & Doug Flapping Duck – Peanut’s Godparents got her this little ducky toy and goodness, does the tot love pushing it around (or dragging it back) all night long.  She especially cracks up when I quack while she does it.

8.  Sooth and Glow Seahorse – Peanut has been obsessed with this seahorse since she was 2 months old when she saw one at her Godparents’ house.  Now it is a saver when we’re traveling – it always soothes her and makes her feel at home.

9.  Melissa & Doug puzzle – I know that daycare has a ton of Melissa & Doug puzzles, but we only own a couple (thanks to auntie Penny and Inna & Michael), and Peanut loves playing with these.  She’s now putting all the shapes in properly and even knows when you ask her to hand you a specific shape! (maybe coincidence, maybe not – don’t burst my bubble).

10.  Bear – cutest story about this one:  Peanut’s Gigi bought this bear for us when she found out we were pregnant.  It was the first gift that the baby got.  When Peanut was about 4 months old, we handed her the bear in the crib and now she is obsessed with it.  She drags it everywhere she goes (omg why is it white??), snuggles it in bed (I wash it a lot, don’t worry), and has to have it with her at every nap time, bed time, and when she’s not feeling well.  In fact, this month she finally learned to say “beeeh-ahhh.”  It’s so adorable, we can’t get enough.


What are some favorites in your house?

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