Week by iPhone, 38 and 39/52

Saturday was another successful meet up with the Working Moms form meetup.com and P had a blast at Kid City.  It helped that her bff Ryan came too.  Sunday was a little more laid back - P and I spent some time at the library (where she is obsessed with the little house and bean bags) and drew with chalk.  My week was super long - a flight to the West Coast, a conference.  Super awesome, but incredibly tiring and I missed my fam.  Of course, I made up for it by buying her some adorable little clothes on clearance at H&M.  After a long week, I was finally home and hanging out with my little Peanut.  We hit up the library, the fair, and a local playground.  Being away from my fam for a week was tough! The rest of the weekend was nice - we relaxed, we hung out.  And it was daddy's turn to go away for a week (work is insane lately, can you tell?).  Peanut and I held down the fort.  She started this adorable new thing where every afternoon, after daycare, she gets out of the car and runs over to our little wild strawberry patch.  Then we ramage through it and find little berries for her to eat.  It's really adorable. A couple of walks with the dogger and the Peanut (yes, it is actually chilly enough for a blanket), a lot of entertainment by Tupperware, and Peanut and I made it through the week.  Daddy came home Friday night and boy, are we happy to have him back! How was your week? Linking up with Amy from A Good Life Blog. … [Read more...]

Photography: from there to here

I was looking over my pictures yesterday, trying to pick my favorite five to post for the Quarterly Top 5 and something hit me: I've come a long way from the "photographer" I was when Peanut was born to who I am today. Although I'm completely self-taught - I credit almost all of my newly acquired skills to the wonderful blogging community.  These blogs got me out of auto mode and into AV, TV and eventually manual mode.  They taught me to recognize light, composition, and to find my own style.   I went from getting one or two photos that I loved that came out of pure luck to recognizing the things that led to said luck.  Although I'm still not completely calculating about the photos that I take, I am aware of my surroundings - the light, the expressions, the backgrounds.  My photos are now taken with some level of confidence that I will get the shot rather than continuous button-pressing in hopes that I can catch something. Here are a few lessons that got me from there to where I am today: Recognize and embrace your style.  To some people this comes easy.  To me is took time, practice with a few styles that I aspired to, and a lot of trial and error.  At first I was taking pictures to just take a picture, but soon I noticed that the photographers I loved most had a subtle style to their photos.  I could almost begin to recognize their work just by their styles.  So I set out to find my own.  I took a lot of pictures and I changed up how I did it each time by changing … [Read more...]

Quarterly Top 5 Photos: Q3

    I love this photo for so many reasons - it's real life, it's P, it's our home.  She was watching some TV after dinner one evening - the evidence is all over her shirt.  I love her expression, the complete daze that she is in while watching cartoons, and playing with her feet. Another one from July - I love the sweet moment caught between P and her uncle Mike. Ok, my kid may not like me posting this when she's 15 but I love this photo.  Her little tadpole belly, the ducky pillow, the light coming in from the window.  I've said this before and I'll say it again - I love capturing moments that portray real life - life with a toddler. Her new favorite thing - hanging out and playing in our bed.  Every day.  All day.  It's adorable and rather relaxing to lounge while she covers her "babies" or us with blankets. I have so many beach pictures from this summer (which is amazing because it means that we actually spent a ton of time at the beach) so it was hard choosing one that I love best.  I chose this one because I love the clear water, the way her long lashes peak out from under the hat, and her slightly hyper-extended elbows...something that she no-doubt got from me or her auntie Penny. Linking up with these beautiful ladies: Naptime Momtog, Click.Pray.Love., or Ramblings and Photos   … [Read more...]

Toddle Along Tuesday – Things I actually say

  "Was the poop soft or hard?" "Man, sleeping in until 7 felt great!" "It's 9:15 and I'm wiped...lets go to bed." "Can you suck out her snots?" "There is poop in the bath tub." "I think she pooped - can you smell her butt?" "Did P just sat sh&t?  I sure hope not." "If you eat one more pea you can feed mommy one too." Obviously, a lot of our conversations revolve around poop these days. Join me and Melissa for Toddler Along Tuesday.   This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is Things I Actually Say! Tell us some of the crazy and/or ridiculous things that have come out of your mouth lately. There are no rules here, except that you link up a relevantpost (old or new) rather than your whole blog. … [Read more...]

Peanut, 20 months

Another month came and went - it seems that the days are going by a little faster each time. This month was a little rough on our little Peanut - between the Hand Foot Mouth thing and a bunch of new teeth coming in, P has not been a very happy camper.  I'm hoping that the rest of the teeth break in quick so that we can be done with all this pain and not eating.  I don't know which I hate more. The only new word that Peanut said this month is "pea" although it sounds an awful lot like "bee" which is what she calls every bug.  Although I'm a bit concerned about the lack of language development at this age, she's been babbling non-stop and most of her words really sound like ours.  I am going to bring up the language barrier to our pediatrician, but since her counter-parts at daycare seem to be at about the same stage, I'm not too worried. She has been trying to communicate more and more with us by pointing - for example when I let her have a sip of my water, she'll take a gulp and then point to me and say, "mama" and wait until I take a sip.  So so cute. Aside from the speaking limitations, P seems to understand pretty much everything that we say.  The new thing this month is our ability to bargain with her.  We've been able to ask for things like, "drink your milk" or "eat one more bite" in return for smoothies, fruit, or watching television.  It's amazing and has led to lots more eating and drinking.  Right now our best bargaining chips are her white grape juice … [Read more...]