Guest post: A day in the life of a single mom

Good morning, peep!  Today I have a special Day in the Life post for you from a working-full-time-single-mom…aka, a super hero.  Enjoy!


Hello everyone! My name is Katie and I am 24 year old single mom to 2 year old Bella. I blog over at Lifes a Dance  I work full time between 40-50 hour weeks for a large apartment rental company on the university of Illinois campus. I have worked for my job for 7 years. While I love my job and everything about it some days are harder than others to leave Miss Bella boo! Our everyday routine rarely changes. Bella is with her dad on Tuesday and Thursday nights until 830pm and then he brings her home for bedtime. She also goes to her dads every other weekend but only for one night. For example he will pick her up at 10am on Saturday morning and I will pick her up from him at 10am on Sunday morning. Hints why it’s even more difficult to be a full time working mom but I have to do what I have to do to provide for myself and Bella. I am glad to have a job that allows me to own my house and drive a nice car and provide for myself and Bella. Some days it works to my advantage to go to work all the time when my darling toddler is being very strong willed (like her mama.) As I said before our day to day routine rarely changes. When Bella is with her dad on Tuesday evenings I hit up the gym and then the grocery store. On Thursdays when she is with him I hit up the gym and then I do the laundry and pick the house for the weekend! Well here goes the start to our VERY busy lives…


615am- Alarm goes off. I usually jump up and in the shower. Some days I will snooze until 630 however it is very rare. I am off and running from this point on. I get myself completely ready shoes and everything before I go in and wrangle the toddler out of bed.

650- Dump dinner in the Crockpot. I could kiss whoever invented the Crockpot because without it Bella and I would never eat a home cooked meal!

700am- Bella is stirring and (demanding) asking for milk nicely. I take her to the living room to rock her and watch the morning show for 20 minutes until 720am when it is time to get her ready for the day. She’s up and uses the potty, gets dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed and shoes on by 730am.

740am- I take her to daycare. On Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays she goes to a home daycare in our town. On Tuesdays & Thursdays she goes to a Montessori preschool.  I live in a small community that is 20 minutes away from my job.

750am- Drive to work.

815am-Arrive to work and walk a couple of blocks to the local starbucks it’s a very bad habit but I have a starbucks every single morning.

830am-1230pm- Work work work! I am the office manager for the apartment rental company so I am in charge of 15 employees plus my own tasks plus keeping the tenants happy! Mornings are usually always spent in meetings.

1230pm-130pm-Lunch time! I head over to Atlanta bread for a cup of French onion soup and to read some blogs!

130pm-5pm-  Work work work. I use this time to accomplish some of my daily tasks.

5pm-520pm-Head home. Because I work later than my daycare is open my parents pick Bella up for me on Mondays & Wednesdays and I pick her up and we head home for dinner.

530pm-Dinner time! Today was roast, potatoes and corn.

600pm-Done with dinner and on to walk to the mailbox to retrieve the mail and then free time!

630pm-Decide because of the crappy weather outside we would do an indoor pinterest craft which was a success!

715pm-Bath time. My little girl is definitely a fish and loves her bath time.

730pm-Read books and snuggle before bed.

800pm-Bed time. Shoot me now but I am one of those mothers that still rocks her two year old to sleep and I wouldn’t change if for the world my time is oh so precious with her!

830pm-Bellas out and placed in her own bed. I use this time to prepare dinner for the next day (in the crock pot), do the dishes, pack our bags and lay out our clothes for the next day. I 100% believe that the reasons are mornings are so smooth because the bags are packed and clothes are laid out for the next day. It is defiantly the key to our lifestyle.

930pm-Finally sit down for a glass or 9 of wine. And watch a show on the DVR. Without the DVR I would not be able to watch any television shows.

11pm- LIGHTS OUT! To repeat again!!

So that is our everyday life a working single mom. Of course not every day is sunshine but most days are like a well oiled machine and work out great.