Peanut, 20 months

Another month came and went – it seems that the days are going by a little faster each time.

This month was a little rough on our little Peanut – between the Hand Foot Mouth thing and a bunch of new teeth coming in, P has not been a very happy camper.  I’m hoping that the rest of the teeth break in quick so that we can be done with all this pain and not eating.  I don’t know which I hate more.

The only new word that Peanut said this month is “pea” although it sounds an awful lot like “bee” which is what she calls every bug.  Although I’m a bit concerned about the lack of language development at this age, she’s been babbling non-stop and most of her words really sound like ours.  I am going to bring up the language barrier to our pediatrician, but since her counter-parts at daycare seem to be at about the same stage, I’m not too worried.

She has been trying to communicate more and more with us by pointing – for example when I let her have a sip of my water, she’ll take a gulp and then point to me and say, “mama” and wait until I take a sip.  So so cute.

Aside from the speaking limitations, P seems to understand pretty much everything that we say.  The new thing this month is our ability to bargain with her.  We’ve been able to ask for things like, “drink your milk” or “eat one more bite” in return for smoothies, fruit, or watching television.  It’s amazing and has led to lots more eating and drinking.  Right now our best bargaining chips are her white grape juice boxes (they’re mini and have Grover on them), Dora or any other show pretty much (we limit TV as it is but now she has to drink her milk while watching otherwise the TV goes off).

Her memory continues to improve as well.  Recently she’s been pointing out people she knows in pictures (and if it’s mom and dad she’ll actually say our name).  She remembers some of her “chores”, like throwing trash away or putting the laundry in the hamper.  She also remembers where she left her babies and shoes.  It’s pretty incredible and fun to watch.

Another favorite this month is drawing.  Chalk, pen, crayons, markers.  You name it, she loves it.  She likes drawing “ball” and asking us to draw things for her.  I think her favorite are my flowers.

I’m looking forward to our check in with the pediatrician in a week or so to find out how she is doing with her weight and height (on my last check she was just barely over 20 pounds which is not a gain at all, sigh, but I blame the HFM and teeth).  I’m also curious to hear what they have to say about her word limitations – maybe it’s really not a big deal.

What were your kiddos up to at 20 months?


  1. I don’t think you have anything to worry about with the language… kids all pick that up at different times. She sounds like she’s doing great =)

    • Thanks! I have been running into so many 20 month olds lately that are starting to talk in sentences, it makes my stomach drop wondering what’s wrong :( I guess that’s just what mommies do…worry worry worry worry!

  2. Ella is 20 months also, and this sounds totally like her! She doesn’t say a ton yet either, but has definite words and repeats words that she hears us say. Like Peanut, her receptive language is great and (when she chooses) she follows direction well. There is always worry with parenting isn’t there? With my eldest I worry when he wasn’t walking as soon as I thought he should- he was very verbal, but slower with the physical milestones. Ella is just the opposite! As you say, worry, worry, worry!

    • Also, another thing I have learned when ‘comparing’ with other kids is how much difference even a month can make… with my son I find that I’ll be worrying when he doesn’t / can’t do something, and most often a month or two later he is doing it and it’s like I had no reason to be worried. These things happen so quickly at this age and change happens fast!

  3. I love the bargaining stage! Makes things so much easier right? But I’m dreading when he tries to use it against me!

  4. I totally understand your concern over the language issue…I went through the same worries with my daughter. Try not to worry (I know, easier said than done), all the kids develop at different rates. Some of the kids that my daughter plays with, that are her age, developed langugage SO early and I felt that my daughter was behind at that stage (my daughter’s development sounds right on track with yours). But…good news…after my daughter hit the 2 year mark her language development EXPLODED! It seemed like overnight she was talking up a storm and repeating everything. Good luck and try not to worry…once the talking comes, it never stops! ;)

    • I am SOOOOOO happy you commented – I was thinking that it’s ok because she seems to understand us just fine, but it feels like everyone who has a delay like this gets the tubes in the ears and that makes me nervous.

  5. Lynn Heiple says:

    Peanut is WAAAAAY too cute. Our little guy is 13 months now. I enjoy looking at your blog. I am trying a few of your recipes.

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