Week by iPhone, 38 and 39/52

Saturday was another successful meet up with the Working Moms form meetup.com and P had a blast at Kid City.  It helped that her bff Ryan came too.  Sunday was a little more laid back – P and I spent some time at the library (where she is obsessed with the little house and bean bags) and drew with chalk.  My week was super long – a flight to the West Coast, a conference.  Super awesome, but incredibly tiring and I missed my fam.  Of course, I made up for it by buying her some adorable little clothes on clearance at H&M.  After a long week, I was finally home and hanging out with my little Peanut.  We hit up the library, the fair, and a local playground.  Being away from my fam for a week was tough!

The rest of the weekend was nice – we relaxed, we hung out.  And it was daddy’s turn to go away for a week (work is insane lately, can you tell?).  Peanut and I held down the fort.  She started this adorable new thing where every afternoon, after daycare, she gets out of the car and runs over to our little wild strawberry patch.  Then we ramage through it and find little berries for her to eat.  It’s really adorable.

A couple of walks with the dogger and the Peanut (yes, it is actually chilly enough for a blanket), a lot of entertainment by Tupperware, and Peanut and I made it through the week.  Daddy came home Friday night and boy, are we happy to have him back!

How was your week?

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