Make your own diaper cake

My beautiful sister-in-law had her baby shower this past weekend and I can’t even begin to tell you about all the wonderful things that everyone put together.  My mother-in-law made absolutely adorable little onesie and washcloth cupcakes, the father-to-be’s mom had delicious treats for us and a house that hosted it, and the mommy-to-be’s bff pulled together a ton of games and other decorations.  All in all the party was gorgeous, the company – one of my favorites, and the glowing Penelope was showered with gifts.

Peanut and I joined the party (as did Jon for a little while since he made the drive with us), ate an insane amount of delicious food, and watched as the mommy-to-be opened all the adorable little baby gifts.

Along with our gifts, Peanut and I brought over a Diaper cake.  In case you’ve never heard of it – it’s a “cake” made up of diapers and other baby things.  I love being able to give the new mommy some diapers and handing her a box of them just isn’t my style.  Instead, I go for a cake.  It’s simple to make (takes less than an hour, total) and looks great (or at least better than a box of diapers).

  1. Pull all your items together.  You’ll need diapers, a base (I use a cardboard box, cut out into a circle), tape, a hot glue gun and some glue dots, some ribbon and accessories to decorate.  I like to use Size 1 diapers because you can usually switch to them within the first couple of weeks and they seem to last a month or two so you never have too many.
  2. Cut out your base – I used a tray to outline the circle, then cut it out.
  3. Begin rolling diapers.  You want to roll them so any image is on the inside.  Then wrap an elastic around it, getting it close to the middle.
  4. When you have enough for it to make a little pile, I like to tie them out with some ribbon I will throw out later.  It helps me keep my sanity as I add more and more diapers.  Then you can either hide it, or cut it.  Keep going until the bottom matches the base.
  5. Start on the next layer – same thing: roll diapers, pull them together, keep adding until it looks a little smaller than the bottom.
  6. Repeat for the third and however other additional layers you want.
  7. Use tape or glue dots to keep the layers on the base and on top of each other.
  8. Tie each layer with some pretty ribbon
  9. Decorate with whatever you want – I used some socks (using some cardboard inserts to keep them on the cake), flower headband I made, Pacifiers, bows, toys and some washcloths.  Anything will work – I’ve heard of others using bottles, lotions, etc.

That’s it!  (I fixed the ribbon before the party, don’t worry).

I like to use the glue dots to keep the diaper layers together and a hot glue gun to keep the ribbon tight (so it doesn’t fall apart by the time the party comes rolling around).