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It’s officially Fall here.  As in, 40 degrees at night, barely 60 during the day, and my yard is covered in brown leafs (is it leafs or leaves?).  A part of me is super excited because Fall television is the best (priorities, people), I’m finally wearing my blazers that have been taunting me from my closet, and Peanut loves her cozy sweat shirts.   But a part of me is already dreading the cold winter and being cooped up indoors.

Then I smell the pumpkin spice coffee and my favorite Sam Adams Oktoberfest and all is right in the world again.

Next week I am flying out to California again – this time, LA.  I’m excited for the warm weather and one of my favorite cities, but, as is always the case since we’ve had our little Peanut, I am dreading leaving her behind.  I’m starting to think that along with having kids comes this constant struggle in your life – happiness and guilt.  Always the guilt.

I’m apparently not very chipper today – that’ll happen when I feel like I’ve been running at 1,000 miles per hour for the past 4-6 weeks.  Between a super busy work schedule, an active toddler, and keeping up with the regular house work, I am just beat.  That is probably why you are getting this post.  My apologies   I’m sure thing will get back to normal after the holiday season.

On the plus side, my busy schedule includes getting to take some newborn pictures of this little nugget.

Don’t you get baby fever just looking at her?

And this weekend I get to spend time with this beautiful baby girl and her equally handsome brother.

To say that I am excited would be a huge understatement.  I’m looking forward to spending a full 24 hours cuddling a little newborn while watching Peanut run around with her future husband and chit-chatting with my best friend over coffee/wine/whatever.

Happy Tuesday, peeps.


  1. I hope you enjoy the warmer weather in LA. I’m sure it has to be difficult leaving her behind, though.
    The pictures of the babies are so sweet!

  2. What about a pit stop in Denver? I’d drive out to see you!! lol Love those baby pictures. And I can’t say it makes me have baby fever! ;)

  3. I love, love, love fall – but like you said – it means winter is coming. I hear you on the feeling tired, run down, and ready for a break. I’m impressed you blogged at all, since I always wonder where you ladies find the time to blog!!

  4. It’s leaves =) I’m so jealous of your fall weather! Today it was 70 in the morning and so I put on boots just for the heck of it… and then after bible study (2 hours later) it was pushing 90 and I was sweating like crazy. I hope you get to take some time in LA to relax a little bit… maybe at the beach!

    • relax at work? Yeah right!
      Ok, how come spell-check didn’t correct leafs? That confuses me. But I’m happy to finally know which one it is (I use them interchangeably so I’m wrong only about 50% of the time…lol)

  5. I wish you lived closer to take pictures of T and Hadley!

  6. I’m getting the photos up now, so excited!!

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