Week 8 and I want to cry uncle

September 27, 8 weeks

8 weeks today, to the day and things have shifted so much in the last week or so.

Somewhere between week 6 and 7 I started to feel a bit uneasy, but I ignored it.  Comparing to my pregnancy with P – it was so easy, barely any queasiness, no real side effects.  But now that I think long and hard I was tired.  All the time – so much so that I almost fell asleep at my desk once – something that is so unlike me I can’t even begin to wonder.  And I had back pain.  And headaches.  Bad headaches.  A lot of them.  But I think it only lasted a handful of weeks (3-4 maybe?) and then the symptoms were forgotten.

So when I was still feeling great by 6 weeks, I thought I was in the clear.  I thought I escaped any side effects of the first trimester.  I considered that maybe I had over analyzed my symptoms with P because I had nothing else to concentrate on.  And now I have this toddler to chase and I must not be paying as close attention to my body.  Great!

Then week 7 hit.  Like a queasy storm.  It started light – just feeling a little off here and there; dizzy, lightheaded, slightly queasy.  I thought I was over analyzing things so I pretended things were fine.  The strangest part was that the symptoms were mostly hitting me mid afternoon and evenings – not at all the morning queasiness I experienced with P.

And now, with the 8th week completed, I’m super nauseous, almost constantly with the worst of it happening in the evenings still, and tired.  Oh so tired.  Like, I want to crawl into my bed by 8am when I’ve been up for less than 2 hours, tired.

The weird thing is that even as icky as this feels, I’m just a little excited.  Sure, I’m super uncomfortable and I’m annoyed and I’m hoping/praying that it won’t last past the first trimester.  But overall, I’m excited that I’m feeling something that has to do with this pregnancy.  I’m excited to see my stomach begin to expand, especially in the evenings.  I sure do wish that the queasiness would ease up, at least a little, but I’m so happy that there is something that reminds me that my body is making a baby.  There’s some excitement to that.

Ask me again on week 11 if this doesn’t go away though, and I’m positive that I will give you a very different answer.


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