Week by iPhone, 40/52

Only 12 more weeks until the end of this year – that’s crazy.  This week was warm and wonderful, very different from today’s 40 degree temperatures.

Have I mentioned how much we love weekends around here?  Peanut is finally at an age where she is a little more self sufficient and we’re able to lounge in bed in the morning while she watches cartoons and drinks her Pediasure, grab a cup of coffee while she entertains herself with a pretend set, and cook and eat breakfast while she pretend-feeds her baby.  It’s amazing how much time she spends trying to do the things she sees us doing.

This weekend I also had a Fall mini session and Peanut’s bff Ryan came.  If you want to see a few photos from the shoot, check out my Photography site.  I’m finally scheduling a Holiday mini for the first weekend in December – exciting.

This week has been all about drawing.  Peanut loves to sit in her high chair for nearly an hour coloring with whatever we’ll give her – markers, pen, chalk, crayons.  She spends a lot of time drawing a “ball” and then asking us to draw things (mostly just pointing to an empty spot on a page and saying “mama” or “dada.”  It’s pretty cute although I’m running out of things that I can draw.  Mostly I just draw flowers, houses, and clouds.  Thankfully, she hasn’t gotten bored of it yet.

The kid is also learning how to scale her crib.  Probably the opposite of many children, she prefers to climb into her crib rather than climb out of it.  Weird, we know, but at least we don’t spend a lot of time worrying she’ll learn to climb out since she’s happy in there.

The rest of the week went on about the same as many others – work, a short evening of play, and a lot of White Collar catch up.  I attempted to make my own bread and although it looked gorgeous, it tastes like water and flour (which is precisely what it was).  I am on a search for a new recipe – one that is still super simple but does not taste like you’re licking a cutting board.

How was your week, peeps?

It’s been a little while since Amy has done a week by iPhone and although I’m not linking up, you should still go check out her latest posts of her adorable little boys.