Week by iPhone, 43/52

Happy Sunday.  I’m crossing my fingers that Sandy isn’t as terrible as she sounds right now, but somehow I don’t think this is going to be true.

Last weekend was absolutely wonderful since we got to spend the day with my gorgeous sister-in-law who is due with their first baby this January!  The baby gifts, the decorations, it was all so beautiful and wonderful.  P had an amazing time when she wasn’t busy whining and crying and we got an adorable family photo out of it.

The rest of the weekend was about the same as always – snuggling, playing, and hiding in the crate.  You know, just the usual shenanigans.  We even ran out to the stores for a little while and got P’s Halloween costume (which I’m guessing we won’t get to use…).  This week I fueled up on the good stuff – delicious salad and donuts.  Which may explain the big belly pic at 12 weeks on Thursday.

And here he or she is – our little chicken nugget, aka baby number 2!  We had a very good 12 week check up and the baby looked perfect.  Jon and I celebrated Friday night while our friend Kari babysat.  It’s been a while since we’ve gone out by our lonesome and it didn’t disappoint.  We tried a new place in our town, which was delicious, and talked about anything and everything under the sun.  Thanks, Kari!

Can’t wait to catch you guys up on all the past weeks, but for some, I’m off to put my furniture in the basement up on stilts so it doesn’t get ruined when it, inevitably, floods.