2+ ingredient Pumpkin muffins

I’ve been dying to participate in I Love You More Than Carrots’ “Hey, that’s Pin-tastic” link up but I haven’t had enough time to set something up, take pictures, and actually write it up.  Until now that is!

The original comes from this pin for 2 ingredient Pumpkin muffins.  Two ingredients – yellow cake mix and a can of Pumpkin.  Although I usually like to make my stuff from scratch, I was intrigued and with the work and life schedule being out of control lately, easy and quick is a good alternative for us.

But I think we all know that I can’t leave well-enough alone.

So I added a couple of spices – a dash of cinnamon and a dash of pumpkin spice.

And then I added a couple more.

Some chocolate chips, some blueberries and some plain muffins.

Let me tell you, the muffins came out delicious and it took no time and no thought to put these together.  The result were fluffy, perfect pumpkin muffins (ok, they were missing the “home” taste but if you’re into Yellow cake, totally yummy).  I think the frozen blueberries and the chocolate chips added some flavor to them.

The toddler test passed too.



  1. I LOVE those muffins. Try spice cake mix and dark chocolate next time… unbelievable. I’ll have to add the blueberries next time, any time I can add in some fruit!

  2. Think that a rendition from Hungry Girl! I tried brownies once before using pumpkin without much luck! :-) there was a cupcake that used crushed pineapples which was actually pretty yummy considering the minimal ingredients! I might have to try this :-)

  3. Yeah, we did the spice cake mix (with and without chocolate chips). Robby ate so many that he had poop issues from all the pumpkin! Definitely passed the toddler test.

  4. Ooh, I’m intrigued! I’ll have to try these. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ok you win the award for most beautiful pictures of your pin-tastic creation! I have got to try these. Everyone keeps raving!

  6. yuck that cake mix has partially hydrogenated oil which means it has trans fat, not good

  7. Love! I can’t make a homemade anything to save my life, boxed is always a winner in my book :)

  8. Try them with spice cake mix or chocolate cake mix and a cup of mini chocolate chips. If you add a half cup of water to the batter it will make it easier to combine and give you a slightly better consistency in your finished muffin. If you leave the water out, the batter is stiff enough to scoop onto cookie sheets – no muffin liners needed. I’ve been making these for almost a decade now! They’re a favorite because they’re so stinking easy. I’ve even used the chocolate ones in place of regular cupcakes at birthday parties. The kids can’t tell the difference!

  9. Those look delicious! I may have to try this one since it is so easy!

  10. Wow, P’s facial expression is priceless – she definitely LOVES them. I wish we loved pumpkin in my home…so many amazing recipes out there.


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