It’s harder with the second one

14 weeks along and some random thoughts about this pregnancy.

  • It’s harder the second time around.  In some ways I really thought things would be easier because I’ve been there and done that, but I think it’s actually harder.  I have no clue if this pregnancy is really different from my first one or if the addition of caring for a very active, curious, roaming toddler changes things.  I’m guessing it’s a mix of the two.  I am tired ALL THE TIME.  And I’m constantly experiencing some kind of annoying pain.  Nothing bad and nothing unmanageable, but an almost constant sharp or dull pain.  I saw my ob regarding the pain and they checked to make sure that everything was fine – and it is.  So they chalked it up to muscle growth pain since I’m chasing a toddler around.  I’m actually pretty sure it’s just that since I’m always feeling much better when I’m sitting in my chair in the office, but as soon as I’m home, picking up that tiny little 20 pound Peanut, the pain is back.  The tiredness goes right along with it.  Again, I’m not sure if it’s just this second pregnancy that’s different or if I’m exhausted from working, cleaning, entertaining a little tornado, and keeping up with the daily to-do list, but this time is just harder.
  • I’m also experiencing some completely different symptoms.  With Peanut my lactose-intolerance disappeared.  I’m not even kidding you.  I felt better than great!  This time, I think it’s gotten worse.  I’ve always been able to stand small amounts of dairy, as long as I watched what I ate throughout the day, but with this little chicken nugget I can barely eat a spoon-full of sour cream without feeling sick.  S/he also does not like anything even remotely spicy.  I’m talking medium-spicy salsa.  I get immediate indigestion and heartburn that lasts for hours.  Nothing seems to help it.  I’ve heard that drinking a cup of milk can help but since my lactose-intolerance has also gotten worse, I’m shying away from that solution.
  • This belly is out of control.  And I have to tell you – I love it.  Although I’m not a huge fan of the whole “give things up” for a pregnancy and I’m really not into feeling like I’m restricted in my capabilities (lifting heavy things, running around, etc), I do love the belly that goes along with it.  I’m barely fitting into my regular clothes and I haven’t buttoned my jeans for over 2 weeks now (I have a couple of belly bands, don’t worry); my belly button just barely resembles an innie and I love the way it looks and feels.  I cannot wait to feel the little one move.
  • I also love watching our little Peanut act like an adorable little mommy as she snuggles her baby, rubs my back, or shushes the barking dog if her baby is “sleeping.”  I can’t wait to see her become a big sister – a role I can just tell she was born to do.
  • I have a super strong feeling that this is a boy.  I honestly can’t explain it.  I just feel like it’s a boy.  I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks so I am not resorting to any drastic matters like buying adorable little baby boy button downs or anything.  Just to keep things even, Jon has a strong feeling that it’s a girl.  What’s your vote?  Do you have a “sure way” to know? (I’ve always been curious about those).  (I checked the Chinese gender calendar and it also says “boy” if you believe that one.)

Just for comparison, here is Peanut at 14 weeks.


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