It’s harder with the second one

14 weeks along and some random thoughts about this pregnancy.

  • It’s harder the second time around.  In some ways I really thought things would be easier because I’ve been there and done that, but I think it’s actually harder.  I have no clue if this pregnancy is really different from my first one or if the addition of caring for a very active, curious, roaming toddler changes things.  I’m guessing it’s a mix of the two.  I am tired ALL THE TIME.  And I’m constantly experiencing some kind of annoying pain.  Nothing bad and nothing unmanageable, but an almost constant sharp or dull pain.  I saw my ob regarding the pain and they checked to make sure that everything was fine – and it is.  So they chalked it up to muscle growth pain since I’m chasing a toddler around.  I’m actually pretty sure it’s just that since I’m always feeling much better when I’m sitting in my chair in the office, but as soon as I’m home, picking up that tiny little 20 pound Peanut, the pain is back.  The tiredness goes right along with it.  Again, I’m not sure if it’s just this second pregnancy that’s different or if I’m exhausted from working, cleaning, entertaining a little tornado, and keeping up with the daily to-do list, but this time is just harder.
  • I’m also experiencing some completely different symptoms.  With Peanut my lactose-intolerance disappeared.  I’m not even kidding you.  I felt better than great!  This time, I think it’s gotten worse.  I’ve always been able to stand small amounts of dairy, as long as I watched what I ate throughout the day, but with this little chicken nugget I can barely eat a spoon-full of sour cream without feeling sick.  S/he also does not like anything even remotely spicy.  I’m talking medium-spicy salsa.  I get immediate indigestion and heartburn that lasts for hours.  Nothing seems to help it.  I’ve heard that drinking a cup of milk can help but since my lactose-intolerance has also gotten worse, I’m shying away from that solution.
  • This belly is out of control.  And I have to tell you – I love it.  Although I’m not a huge fan of the whole “give things up” for a pregnancy and I’m really not into feeling like I’m restricted in my capabilities (lifting heavy things, running around, etc), I do love the belly that goes along with it.  I’m barely fitting into my regular clothes and I haven’t buttoned my jeans for over 2 weeks now (I have a couple of belly bands, don’t worry); my belly button just barely resembles an innie and I love the way it looks and feels.  I cannot wait to feel the little one move.
  • I also love watching our little Peanut act like an adorable little mommy as she snuggles her baby, rubs my back, or shushes the barking dog if her baby is “sleeping.”  I can’t wait to see her become a big sister – a role I can just tell she was born to do.
  • I have a super strong feeling that this is a boy.  I honestly can’t explain it.  I just feel like it’s a boy.  I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks so I am not resorting to any drastic matters like buying adorable little baby boy button downs or anything.  Just to keep things even, Jon has a strong feeling that it’s a girl.  What’s your vote?  Do you have a “sure way” to know? (I’ve always been curious about those).  (I checked the Chinese gender calendar and it also says “boy” if you believe that one.)

Just for comparison, here is Peanut at 14 weeks.


  1. I agree that it’s harder. I am also frequently in pain. Also my body muscles have clearly given up. At our 20 week ultrasound, the tech said baby is as low as it could go! No wonder the constant pain and pressure then. haha.

    I was really thinking it was another boy, but it was a girl! On the other hand, everyone but me guessed it was a girl. So… no sure fire way here. We didn’t know the first time, and the entire pregnancy I thought it was a girl and it was a boy. I give up ;)

  2. You are so cute! You actually appear smaller in chicken nugget’s 14 week picture than with peanut! I thought you are supposed to be bigger the second time around? :) Lucky!

  3. Well, I had been feeling “girl” for you, and I’m rarely wrong, but I also REALLY believe that mom knows best. I definitely KNEW Robby was a boy from the second I took the test. (Note all my posts saying “he”.)

  4. you are adorable! I was as big as a house when i was pregnant. From my head to my feet. Now… only happy thoughts… ponies, rainbows and glitter! I only had the one and I was so young and full of worries and nightmares.. I posted pics of cute babies from my baby magazines on the fridge so I could see them every day. Sending you a virtual hug. :)

  5. I have the boy feeling too, especially since this pregnancy is so different from the first.

    I am currently 18 weeks, expecting our first. Right now I am drinking Unsweetened and Dark Chocolate Almond Milk to help with my heartburn. It tastes better than real milk and it has more calcium. Yum.

    • OOO Good idea! I might have to check that out. Congrats, by the way!!!

      • We are so excited. We find out what we are having on 11/17. I was so excited to see your pregnancy announcement. It is nice to know others are feeling or thinking the same things as me.

  6. Such a cute belly!!!! You look great. And I agree – pregnancy sucks. Oh wait – you didn’t say all that???? Okay, Leo’s pregnancy was so tough that Elena’s was a complete BREEZE compared to his. But then Roman nearly killed me with all the aches, pains and problems. My biggest problem is that I don’t work out during pregnancy. If I did, things would be much more different and probably way easier!! Pregnancy is so hard. I’m not a fan. But every time baby fever bites me – I give in! Because I FREAKING LOVE BABIES!!!!! Good luck with the aches and pains. Make sure to drink tea and take nice soothing baths. Your aching bones need it!!

  7. I could tell what I was having with both my kids by my face. With my daughter I was broken out the entire pregnancy, nothing I tried cleared up my skin. With my son, my skin has never been better. I have been able to successfully predict the sex of many babies by looking at the Mom’s skin. So, how has your face been?

    • Amber- I broke out all over, face and body with Peanut. But I also broke out with this one, though not nearly as bad nor as long. Then again, my skin has been a problem for years and years and any hormonal change (bf, pills, etc) always leads to a break out. So hard to judge!

  8. I also think you are having a boy :) Just a gut feeling – I have no “sure way” of knowing, but in the past few years of friends and family pregnancies I am 17 for 19!

  9. I love reading all of your updates! I am due on May 9th too! I am so tired. Last night, I could barely hold my head up as we watched tv! We just found out we are having another girl. I look forward to reading more about your pregnancy and Peanut too of course! My daughter is 18 months, so I love hearing about P because it lets me know what is to come for us in the upcoming months. Hope you get some rest. I know being a working mom and having a toddler at home is tough work :)

  10. looking good, baby belly!!

  11. The second pregnancy is SOOOOOOOOOO much harder than the first because of the toddler running about! Even though I didn’t have near the morning sickness I had with the first. The heartburn was way worse with the second pregnancy too and it took a few weeks after she was born to get better. I still can’t eat certain raw vegetables anymore. Wait til the baby is on the outside of the tummy! Then it gets really hard! The nurse that helped us checked out of the hospital kept saying ” one plus one equals eleven” . I am pretty sure I looked at her like she was crazy. Now I know!
    But it is so awesome to see your toddler as an older sibling. My son just loved his baby sister!
    About the gender thing – I just knew for both our kids. And my husband was wrong – both times!

  12. I swore Ethan was a boy, and he was. Everyone else said girl. I think you’re having a boy, too!

  13. Congrats on the new baby!! You look great for 14 weeks.

    My pregnancy with my son was soooo different with my daughter. Her, I had pretty severe morning sickness. Him, nothing. Her, I hated Chinese food (literally would gag if I smelled it and that sucked because it was my favorite thing to eat). Him, I craved potato salad with egg and PB&J sandwiches.

    It was harder with a toddler. My daughter was 16 months old when I found out that I was pregnant with my son and it was hard. Not going to lie. But, I was also high risk (I had PIH and was border line GD with him), so I couldn’t do the running around after her. I had to keep her contained to two rooms while I sat/lay on the couch while my fiance worked. Not fun but it worked. Nick Jr and Sprout became my best friends that summer/early fall.

    As for gender…..I swore my son was a girl. Swore up, down, left and right that he was a girl. I refused to believe the lab tech the first time I got an ultrasound and I made her check “just to make sure she was right” every time I went back in after that. My fiance just wanted a healthy baby and for me to be healthy too. And when he was born, I asked the medical student who delivered (yes, a medical student delivered my son. He needed to learn how to due it on someone…why not me…lol).

    My daughter could have cared less about the baby in my belly…except when I got big enough that she couldn’t sit on my lap. Then there was problems. When he was born, she wasn’t thrilled but got used to him. Now, they are almost 5 and almost 7 (their birthdays are in 2 weeks) and they are very, very close. Of course, by the way they fight, you would have no clue….lol.

  14. Your belly is super cute! The second pregnancy was much harder for me and the third was definitely worse than that!

  15. Chinese gender chart was right for Lincoln. Just sayin’ ;)

  16. I immediately thought it was a girl reading your post about your first OB visit, but that’s because I put so much faith into the high heartbeat = girl, low heartbeat = boy. Slade was in the 120′s our first visit. And, you’re absolutely right, the 2nd one is harder and it has EVERYTHING to do with the toddler running around at home… it’s a game changer! =)

  17. You are super cute!!! I’m feeling you on this not fitting into regular clothes thing and I’ve loved all the maternity pins you’ve been pinning! :)

    I hope you start to get some second trimester energy. I think chasing the toddler wears me out completely! Are you going to find out the gender early or normal anatomy scan?

  18. The “surest” way I know of is mama instinct. And you have to be careful not to have it be, “I want a boy so I think it’s a boy,” or “my pregnancy symptoms are different so it must be a boy,” instinct. Just pure feeling. I was right on both my kids (boy and then girl) and I just kind of knew. It’s amazing what your body can just tell you. And yes, second time is harder in terms of energy. Because you have the first baby to run after. No more mice naps on the couch whenever you’re mildly tired. Sigh.

  19. My guess will be a boy! I’m usually pretty good at guessing gender!! lol

    One of my friends had a baby boy 7 weeks ago. The only problem with that the doctor told them they were having a girl. So all the clothes were pink, the nursery was pink, the baby shower was pink, but out popped Easton John!!

  20. Melissa (Ryan's mom) says:

    My instinct is thinking “boy” :)

  21. you look really great! definitely a pregnancy glow :) and now I see that peanut’s smile is totally your smile!!!

  22. You look fantastic. So interesting to hear how different this pregnancy is for you!

  23. I’m a horrible baby-sex guesser, so I won’t even venture a guess here. I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant and was loving it! Hopefully if I ever get pregnant, that opinion will stick :)


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