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Peeps – I just found out that one of my bloggy friends is expecting her third baby at the end of May!  As in, same timeline.  Let me tell you how excited I am! (very)  She recently announced it on her blog and posted some answers to the most common questions.  I decided to steal the questions and answer them as well.  So here goes.

  • When am I due? May 9th and if my previous pregnancy is an indicator (it’s not), this baby will be late as well.
  • Was this one planned? Ok, you would be so surprised at how many people ask us this!  Usually I just cock my head to the side and give them a bewildered look- do they even know me?  I plan everything to the last detail.  In short (and less sarcastic way): yes, this was planned.  Jon and I always knew that we wanted our kids to be between 2 and 3 years apart and this will make Peanut almost 2.5.  And just like with Peanut, the month we decided to “try” is the month we found out we were pregnant.  (We know just how lucky we are.)
  • How am I feeling?  Honestly – as I mentioned in this post, everything just seems harder this time around.  Although I don’t hate being pregnant nor have I experienced any kind of difficulties (my pregnancy with Peanut was blissful for the most part and this one, although tougher, is still pretty great), I’m just not a huge fan of the whole “pregnancy thing.”  That being said, I’m a very big fan of the baby thing (and I know just how lucky we are to get to go through this) and therefore I’m keeping (most) of my whining to a minimum.
  • Do you have a gender preference?  Right along with “was this planned,” this is one of the favorite questions that everyone asks us.  I am not giving you a cop out, but I honestly really want either one (not just, I’ll be happy with either, but reeaaalllyyy would be happy with either).  My reasoning is as follows: I have always wanted to experience one of each and I would love to have a boy.  On the other hand, sisters have a special bond and we have a ton of baby girl hand-me-downs so having a girl would be amazing.   And that’s where I’m at.
  • Will you find out what you’re having? YES!  I tried to talk Jon into doing one of the fun reveal things (like balloon in a box or cake frosting) but he didn’t budge.  We’ll find out between 18-20 weeks the ol’ fashioned way, when the ultrasound tech says, “so do you want to know what you’re having?”.
  • Have you told Peanut yet?  I tried.  A couple of times.  She’s not buying it.  Around 10 weeks I tried to tell P that mommy had a baby in her belly and she gave me a suspicious look, stared at my belly for about 30 seconds, then shook it off and went back to playing, like “no way…I don’t see a dolly there.”  I tried again this week and she laughed at me.  I guess we’ll just have to wait a little while.

So there we have it!

And some belly shots.  ps- someone I know always tells me that I look like a “snake that swallowed a mongoose” when I’m wearing this dress (and I’m pregnant).


  1. I’m 100% with you on the “gender preference” thing. Well, flipped, but yeah. Ok, I might want a 2nd boy a SMIDGE more, but still understand. And, yeah, still not trying, so irrelevant. ;)

    • LOL :) I am literally split 50/50 between boy and girl. It would be SOOOOOOO nice to have a boy, but that’s so selfish hehe and a girl would be cheaper on our budget AND P would have a sister.

  2. Finding out the sex of our little bundle tomorrow! My husband voted against a gender reveal. However we are doing a cake for family after dinner tomorrow. So excited.

    You look great and I hope you are feeling well.

  3. I’m SO excited to watch this journey… and a tad jealous. I think I will be stopping at 2, and I just LOVE being pregnant (even though I had ‘morning’ sickness until the very day I delivered.. 42 weeks with each pregnancy). But I also get that it’s harder with the second too. With the first you are the queen bee. You need a nap? Take it! Feet / back hurt? Rest on the couch! With the second P is now the queen bee and the world revolves around her. No time for napping… even though you are exponentially more tired! I also wondered if being a tad ‘older’ the second time didn’t have any affect? Not that a year and a half makes a huge difference, but I always wondered.

  4. You look beautiful in that dress…those “mongoose” people are crazy!!

  5. I am with you, I wish we had done some fun reveal thing, my sister did and it was SO much fun, but Matt said No. And now if we have a third, it’s too late for that “mess”, ya know? I am so excited to follow your pregnancy and to see P as a big sister!

  6. I love the idea of the gender reveal. April and I were discussing this and IF I was ever to get pregnant I wouldn’t find out the gender, however, I’d still have a party and let everyone think they’ll find out the gender that day. We’d have the cake or the box full of balloons and when we open it white cake or white balloons would be seen, then I’d yell, Just joking we’re not finding out until the baby is here!! :)

    I about spit coffee on my screen when I read the mongoose comment.

  7. I always say exactly the same thing you do about the gender of our hopefully future second child. I feel like either gender really would be awesome. And I still can’t believe people think asking “was it planned” is socially acceptable. Someone asked me that at work when I announced my pregnancy with C and I was absolutely horrified.

  8. Did you guys find out with your first Peanut? I found that this time it’s actually more exciting to find out, especially since we’re having a girl, because it’s an excuse to buy all those gender specific clothes I couldn’t do last time around!! Likewise I didn’t care either way and would’ve been happy with either, but I can’t help thinking that it’ll be easier to call it DONE after this one since we’ll have one of each.

  9. Sisters and Brothers can have a very special bond, too. For nothing in the world I´d give away my Bro! ;-)
    No idea, certainly, how it´d be to have a Sister…
    Nah, Brother feels better to me.
    But… main thing: Healthy, right?

  10. Happiness Is... says:

    Cutest pregnant girl EVER! Why do people ask the obvious? Planned? Boy/girl? It gets old!

  11. I hope you are two days late then the chicken nugget can be born on my birthday!!! heheheh! …but really, I dont hope you are late because at that stage of the pregnancy you are just SO over being preggo so I do hope you are on time for your sake! I felt the same way about gender and I hated the “was it planned” question. I always wanted to find some really sarcastic sex comment to retort back about planning, but could never think of anything witty enough. Yall make the cutest babies and I cant wait to find out!

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